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If you hire an unprofessional and unlicensed contractor to install your roof, you may pay for it in time, money, and stress. It can be appealing when these contractors are cheaper upfront, but they will cost you. If they are not licensed, they may not know what permits they need to obtain or what materials they need to use for a proper roof installation.

Unlicensed contract work is a third-degree felony in Florida, so the license and permits are crucial. If the permits aren’t correct, and they use the incorrect materials during the installation, you may have to completely redo parts of the roof.

Your roof must meet Florida Building Code requirements. Don’t get taken advantage of by a contractor who will be missing in action when it comes time to fix their mistakes. Start with an experienced contractor like ABC Roofing Corp. so that we can do the job right the first time.

Why Do You Need A Roof Inspection During Installation?

During these roof inspections, the inspector does more than consider the roof’s age and basic structure. This is when the inspector finds small leaks, tears, and improper installation practices. Things like this can only be found with a trained and experienced eye.

The roof structure can be sagging, or the soffit, fascia, and gutters may need repairs. Rot and breakage of the wood can be more visible during installation than after a roof is installed. The inspector will also check your chimney, masonry, and venting to spot potential leaks. These components make the roofing system, so your inspector needs to consider all of them during a roof installation.

Not only does your roofing material have to be up to code, but the installation needs to be correct. Inexperienced installers might overlap shingles or incorrectly install the underlayment, both of which will cause leaks in the future. An inspector will spot this problem and stop the installation dead in its tracks so the installer can complete it correctly.

The inspector will also do an interior inspection to check for any holes, signs of water infiltration, and improper installation. The most important aspect of the roof installation inspection is taking a look at the craftsmanship. This is when the inspector will check if the roof meets all the permits and codes.

How To Fail A Roof Inspection?

Broken or missing shingles can occur from age, wind, and storms. Cracked, broken, or missing shingles can be a sign of improper installation, especially if the problem occurred shortly after installation. Present moss, mold, and mildew will also prevent you from passing an inspection.

There won’t be any signs of mold or mildew on the exterior part of the roof with a new installation, but if you had a mold problem before you installed your roof, you would still have that problem with a new roof installation. This will be apparent when the inspector checks in the interior of your roofing system.

Proper venting is also required to pass inspection, and it’s an especially important aspect of your roof. Improper venting can age your roof faster and cause curling or brittle shingles when the air trapped in your attic is hot. Since Florida code only allows for two layers of shingles on any given roof, if an unqualified installer puts the third layer on, it will not pass inspection. It’s also possible that you will need to redo your entire roof.

If the installer does the flashing poorly, it can leave your roof vulnerable to leaks. Flashing covers the holes and areas unprotected by the other roofing materials. Areas around your chimney and vents will need flashing to connect the vent and the shingles to make one solid roof.

Any sign of a leak, especially a new one, will also prevent your roof from passing inspection. During and after a new installation, your roof should be sealed shut. Wet or damp spots on the interior part of your roofing system are a red flag.

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