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When it comes to roofing, things can seem a little complicated. With all the color options, material options, installation methods, family expectations, and the rest, it may seem like you have too much information ahead of you. We’re here to simplify your options, whether you’re installing a new roof or doing a roof replacement. Standing seam metal roofing is an installation method used for metal roofing. There are many reasons why roofers prefer this method and these benefits translate into surety for the customer when undergoing a roofing project.

What Does Standing Seam Metal Roofing Entail?

Before we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of installing this roofing system, let’s get a good understanding of what it entails exactly, in case your roofing contractor has thrown these words around before. Simply, standing seam refers to a vertical sheet or metal panel. It is used for longevity and can complement a home quite nicely. Its durability and energy-efficient benefits are complementary to a homeowner too. These sheets have vertical legs and have a flat space in between.

The metal sheeting can be attached to the roof with clamps or nails. Using clamps prevents any leaks from nail holes. However, when using nails, roofers will often caulk over the nails to ensure the seal is sufficient. After underlayment has been placed on the roof, the standing seam panels are placed in a sequence, vertically. Each adjacent seam is fastened together to ensure there is sufficient sealing. Panels can be cut to fit the slope of your roof should they be vertically too long.

Advantages Of Using Standing Seam Metal Roofing

  • In most cases, standing seam metal roofing does not require nails or screws. This allows for efficient and quality roof installation. They are light-weight compared to corrugated metal ridges but are actually thicker offering improved insulation and protection.

  • Roofing requires regular cleaning, which in some materials can cause wear on the surface. Metal roofing does not experience this type of surface loss. This is especially beneficial during harsh storms, intense weather conditions, and the difference between these periods. Our experience has proven that in most cases, re-coating the membrane of the roof is all that is needed to restore any wearing, and this costs significantly less than having to replace missing/damaged shingles.

  • Standing seam metal roofs do not require continuous maintenance like other roofing membranes. They have an estimated life span of 30-50 years and are extremely durable.

Disadvantages Of Using Standing Seam Metal Roofing

  • Because this type of roofing is thicker, durable, and long-lasting, it is a bit more expensive than other roofing systems. It is much quicker to install than other roofing systems, however, which affects labor costs. Considering that it is as durable as it is and that it improves insulation within the home, you’ll want to consider if this is an expense you see value in.

  • Although standing seam metal roofing definitely has some appeal, it isn’t the most versatile look. This of course, also depends on the area you live in and the feel you’re going for surrounding your home. Metal roofs tend to appear colder and more industrial than homey.

The good news is, standing seam metal roof systems come in a few styles.

Nail-hemmed: these panels will have a raised interlocking seam on the edges. The channel where they are fastened along the length of each panel. The fastening channel consists of a long row of holes and the fasteners pull the panels towards each to interlock them.

Snap-locked: this system uses clips on the roof deck which holds the panels firmly in place. Through this method, thermal panel movement is made possible which is necessary for hotter seasons.

Mechanically-seamed: Panels use clips and hidden fasteners. Using hand crimpers, roofers will mechanically seam the panels together once they are attached to the roof. This type of style is good for low-sloped roofs.

Exposed fasteners: This style uses caulking and nails to lock the panels together. In some cases, instead of caulking, a washer or rubber tip will be used to cover exposed screws.

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