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Roof Replacement

roof removal

Have you ever considered removing your existing roof and installing a new one? If so, you might have some questions about what to expect during the roof removal process.

Removing the roof on your home can be time-consuming and expensive, but it’s also an essential part of many renovations. A new roof can save you money on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. Therefore, if your old rooftop has seen better days, now’s the time to start planning its removal.

This article will answer the top questions about the roof removal process, to help you understand what to expect from start to finish.

How to Prepare for a Roof Removal

You need to prepare adequately before the roof replacement crew shows up at your front door. Here are some things you need to do:

Prepare Your Lawn

Your roofing contractors will be using a larger part of your lawn during their operation. They may have to park a dumpster to collect old roof parts in your doorway or install tarps to trap dust and debris.

You can make the work of your roofers easier by doing the following:

  • Remove your vehicles near the working site and park them away from the garage.
  • Clear your outdoor furniture and toys.
  • Remove any valuable items from the garden, such as LED lights, potted plants, and statues.
  • Mark plants, sprinklers, and water features for easy spotting.

Prepare Your Home

You’re probably wondering why you need to prepare your home when the roofers will be working from outside. Well, the activities of the roof installation can be vigorous enough to shake the whole building.

While there won’t be too much damage to your property, you still have to protect them. Some ways you can protect your home’s interior include:

  • Clearing sentimental and fragile items from the attic
  • Covering precious items in your garage with a tarp
  • Protecting windows using hard objects such as wooden boards
  • Removing any wall decor
  • Talk to your roofer to remove any roof accessories such as solar panels or satellite dishes.

Prepare Your Pets and Children

Pets and children may be at risk of being injured or harmed by debris and falling objects during the removal of a roof. To keep them safe, let your pets stay inside their kennels or at a friend’s place.

Besides your pets, explain to your children how dangerous it is walking or playing near the roof replacement site. If your kids are still infants and unable to understand the situation, have them stay at a friend’s or relative’s home.

The Steps of a Roof Removal

The Process of removing and replacing a roof involves the following eight major steps:

Property Protection

The roof replacement process includes movements and activities that might unwillingly ruin your property. To keep your valuable items safe, a contactor should help you cover walls, décor, plants, and patio furniture using plywood or a tarp.

Removing the Old Roof

After ensuring that all your property is safe, the contractor then proceeds to remove old shingles. This makes it easy to inspect the wood decking.


The roofer does an inspection to identify and replace rotten wood. New and strong wood decking is crucial for a rigid roofing structure and to keep shingles intact.

Surface Preparation

Once the roofing contractor confirms that every part of your wood decking is in good condition, they proceed to install the drip edge at all the edges of your roof.

Water and Ice Shield Installation

These shields protect water and ice from leaking through your roof. Roofers usually install them at every roof penetration such as chimneys, and roof connections. Thankfully, we don’t need to use these in South Florida on account of our year-round warm temperatures.

Installation of the New Roof

This crucial step involves the contractor laying out the new materials on your roof. Normally, the process should begin from the bottom and proceed to the top. The roofer will also install ridge capping, vents, and counter flashing at this stage.

Site Cleaning

The roof replacement process is almost complete at this stage. A professional roofer should leave a site cleaner than they found it.

Final Roof Examination

The final roof examination is important to ensure that no part has been left out. It is also necessary to find out if the contractor has met all the roofing requirement standards.

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Roof removal is no small undertaking. It’s an investment that requires compliance with local building codes, permits, weather protections, inspections, safety protocols, and so much more.

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