Why Is Attic Ventilation Important?

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Attic ventilation allows your home to breathe and helps to push hot air out and pull the cool air in. Read on to learn more about what attic ventilation is and its importance.

How Does Attic Ventilation Work?

There are different types of attic ventilation like active and passive. Active ventilation offers indoor air circulation with the help of mechanical fans. Passive ventilation, also regarded as natural ventilation, thrives off of the use of natural methods, like air currents, for example, to provide air circulation. Passive ventilation systems are typical and an effective way to reach a balanced ventilation system

Negative Effects Of Poor Ventilation

To no surprise, having improper ventilation can cause issues that could get worse over time. When it’s very hot out, this can lead to an overabundance of heat and moisture in your attic if it is poorly ventilated. This can result in damaged shingles, wood framing, paint, wallpaper, and more. Poor ventilation can increase the consumption of cooling energy. If your attic becomes hot during humid and oppressive temperatures, it can create a rise in a household’s temperature. In return, this can cause you to turn up your air conditioning and fans and that puts more pressure on your appliances to work harder for longer, which can also skyrocket your energy bills.

In the long run, your roof could have a reduced lifespan due to the excess heat and moisture, which can create dry-rot on the roof decking or cracked shingles, to name a couple. Mold and mildew can also be a concerning issue not only for your house but for your health.

Roof Vents And Their Purpose

Roof vents aid in ventilation, so it is useful to know what kind of vents can be the most resourceful for your home and attic. Contact your local professional, like ABC Roofing Corp., to discuss the need for roof vents and to properly install them. Roof vents have the purpose of decreasing moisture, sheltering your roof, and reducing utility costs.

Different Types Of Roof Vents

Prior to installing a specific kind of attic ventilation system in your attic, it is important that you know the best choices for your home.

Ridge Vents

Ridge vents trail along the lining of your roof and usually are placed beneath the eaves, which are the edges of a roof that extend over the sides of a building, in this case, your home.


Having a fan-powered roof vent is another workable option. This vent requires a fan to be installed in the attic. It works well to circulate the air in the surrounding area.

Solar Fan

A solar fan vent is placed at the top of your house and is dependent on the sun’s energy to power the fan.

Exhaust Fan

An exhaust seems less efficient compared to the other types of roof vents, but it still circulates air. A fan would be placed in the gable, which slopes in two directions and has opened ends.

Attic Fans Versus Ridge Vents

Attic fans are electrical and exhaust air from the attic with force. This type of fan keeps air movement going on a continual basis. If you are on a budget or are looking to save on expenses, an attic fan, which has constant moving parts, acquires running costs, but it does come with decreased installation fees. An attic fan is versatile in the sense that it works with all different types of roofs. A possible downside to this fan is that it can be loud.

On the other hand, ridge vents are exhaust ports that travel on the ridge or your roof. Unlike the attic fan, this attic ventilation method is passive. It has no moving parts and may be an effective method for you that saves your ongoing expenses because it costs nothing to run it.

On a temporary downside, it does come with higher installation costs compared to attic fans. Ridge vents are not as efficient if your roof is not equipped with a continuous run. There are also no noise problems.

Local Roofers in Coral Springs

When owning a home with an attic, it is important to know how to take care of it, including attic ventilation. Knowing what is the best ventilation system for your attic, which helps the rest of your home, is a good starting point.

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