Why Is My Skylight Leaking?

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Have you ever wondered why some rooms in a home are more inviting than others, or why you are more productive at work when seated near a window? The answer to both those questions is “natural light.”

People are automatically drawn to areas of natural light, and homes with large windows tend to have more retail value. If an area in your home cannot accommodate windows, then a skylight may be a solution.

Otherwise known as “a window in the roof,” skylights are installed not to offer a view, but to let in much-needed natural light. Homeowners who install skylights are always glad they did, at least until the skylight starts leaking.

The Advantages Of Installing A Skylight

Studies have shown that people who work or spend time in rooms with a lot of natural light report feeling happier are healthier, and often more productive than those who depend on electrical lighting.

One of the major advantages of installing a skylight is that it allows natural light into even the darkest room. Other advantages of skylights include:

  • Natural light to rooms, bathrooms, and dark hallways that do not have windows.
  • Cosmetic value and increased resale value of your home.
  • Increased energy efficiency and decreased utility bills. In most situations, they allow enough natural light into the room so you only need to use electrical lights at night.
  • The natural light makes a room feel bigger.

7 Reasons Why Skylights Leak

Despite the many advantages of having skylights in the home, leaking skylights cause a lot of frustration and can damage your furniture and floors. Here are some reasons why your skylight could be leaking:

The Skylight Is Not Properly Closed

For those Skylights that can open, ensure that the skylight is closed properly. This may sound like common sense, but due to the proximity of the skylight, an open skylight may not be noticed until it starts leaking during a rainstorm.

Old Weather Seals

Over time, the weather seals around the skylight age with exposure to the elements. Old weather seals lose their effectiveness and cannot effectively prevent rainwater from entering through the edge.

The Glass/Plexiglass Is Damaged

The glass or plexiglass could be damaged or cracked by branches or sticks during a storm. Even the smallest crack can cause it to leak, so it will urgently need to be repaired or replaced.

Drainage Channel (Flashing) Is Clogged With Dirt

Debris, leaves, sticks, or dirt can also block the drainage channel (flashing). This causes the water to accumulate around the skylight, and it may leak.

Damaged Flashing

The flashing around the skylight directs rainwater away from the glass. If the flashing is damaged, or if the caulking is old and cracked, water will not be properly directed and could leak in around the edge.

The Skylight Was Not Installed Correctly

To be weathertight, a skylight needs to be installed correctly. Always ask professional roofing contractors to install or replace damaged skylights.

Why Only Professional Roofers Should Install Skylights

Don’t be tempted to install skylights yourself. Only professional roofing contractors should install skylights, and here’s why:

  • Professional roofers are familiar with the Florida Building Code relating to doors and windows.
  • Professional roofers know how to install skylights without compromising the roof’s integrity.
  • In some cases, the warranty may only be valid if the skylight is installed by professionals.

Leaking Skylight Repairs And More In South Florida

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