4 Roof Repairs That Should Be Made Immediately

Roof Repair

roof repairs.

There are some home repairs that we just don’t get around to, no matter how much they bug us and sometimes these are okay to put on hold, the following roof repairs are not on that list and should be taken care of immediately.

1) Roof Leaks

Water can get through the smallest of holes and roof leaks are not always obvious or easy to spot.  Any signs of water, active or residual, need immediate attention – lookout for yellow marks on your ceiling or walls, bubbling in your paint, mold, or water that you can’t tell where it’s coming from. Any of these signs could mean you have a roof leak.  Water damage, even from the smallest gap, needs immediate attention because it can lead to mold and have a great impact on your family’s health.

2) Missing Or Shifted Tiles Are Necessary Fixes

A missing roof tile can be easier to see than a leak – often you can see where the tile is missing from simply looking up at your roof. Or you may find broken tiles on the ground around your home that have fallen from the roof. You should never make the mistake of thinking one missing roof tile is not worth your immediate attention. Not only will water get in but rodents and other pests will too causing extensive damage to your roof and possibly the structure of your home.

3) Any Signs Of Lifting On Your Roof

If there is a joint or fascia that is starting to lift or not aligned, it needs to be repaired immediately – a weak or damaged joint or fascia will affect the integrity of your roof.

4) Sagging Or Pooling

A sagging roof or any sign of a change in the shape of your roof is cause to call a roofing professional to examine your roof. Pooling, even a little bit, means something is wrong and sagging means it has already started to be a real problem. Sloped roofs may not be prone to pooling as much, but sagging can still happen when the support structure has been damaged.

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