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Whether you own a single retail space or a portfolio of commercial properties, preserving your property condition is essential to ROI. One of the most important elements of your property is its roof. One small roof leak that is left unrepaired could lead to disastrous and costly repairs. Explore recommendations for commercial roofing maintenance and high-quality underlayment solutions to boost your property’s ROI in 2024.

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Recommended Commercial Roof Maintenance

Keep your commercial roof in its best condition for an extended lifespan by practicing regular maintenance. Preserve your property investment with a committed strategy of maintenance that includes:

  • Preventative maintenance: Follow the roofing materials guidelines for suggested preventative maintenance, allowing you to stay ahead of major roofing component failures or concerns.
  • Scheduled maintenance: Be diligent about scheduling roof maintenance, just as you would with any other major commercial property systems.
  • Severe weather maintenance: Schedule a commercial roof inspection after any severe South Florida weather or storms to address potential damage immediately.

Commercial property owners can also follow these recommendations for prolonging the life of any roof structure and roofing materials.

Schedule regular roof inspections

It’s easy to overlook commercial roofing issues since you don’t necessarily see your roof every day. Roofing industry experts suggest property owners should schedule regular roof inspections with a commercial roofing professional every six months. These inspections will help you spot material degradation and small repairs before they become major, costly component failures or roof leaks.

Limit rooftop foot traffic

Keep foot traffic off your commercial roof. Only allow professional commercial roofing contractors to walk the roof during routine maintenance. You might also consider investing in walk pads that provide stabilized walkways without damaging the roof’s construction.

Keep your commercial roof clean

One of the easiest ways to extend the life of your commercial property’s roof involves cleaning. Falling debris and nearby foliage can lead to pooling water, potential algae growth, or surface damage. Wind and weather can deposit debris on your commercial roof, so consider regular roof cleaning efforts year-round.

Address leaks and repairs immediately

It’s imperative to identify and repair leaks and damage to your commercial roof immediately. So, when you or your maintenance team discover any leak, even minor, contact a professional commercial roofer to make repairs.

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Signs Your Commercial Roof Is Ready for Replacement

Making roof repairs can help prolong your roof’s lifespan. However, there comes a point when repairs become too costly, and your commercial roof requires complete replacement. Be mindful of these commercial roofing conditions that indicate it’s time for replacement.

  • Extensive leaking or water damage
  • Visible signs of roofing material degradation
  • Sagging and uneven roofing surface
  • Damaging fungal growth and mildew
  • Roofing membrane or roof deck damage
  • Noticeable increase in energy costs
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Why So Many Commercial Building Owners Trust ABC Roofing Corp.

Your South Florida commercial property is a high-value investment. Consider making smart decisions about the contractor & the roofing system you choose to protect that investment. Also, don’t assume your roofing contractors will automatically use the best or most efficient roofing products.

Having quality roof underlayment installed correctly and to code provides a significant difference in how long your commercial property roof lasts. It also has protective properties, reducing risks of roof deck damage, fire, and moisture. With the best-fit commercial roofing materials as part of your roof replacement, you can leverage all the following advantages.

Contact ABC Roofing today at 954-344-4622 with any concerns you have about your commercial roof – our team is here to help.

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