Hassle-Free Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

Hassle-Free Roof Replacement

A roof replacement project can seem like an overwhelming task to some homeowners. Between your work schedule, family, and social life – when can you find the time? Who can you trust to handle the planning and details? Below are some guidelines and recommendations to keep it hassle-free, particularly in the hands of an experienced, professional roofer.

Most residential roofs are designed to last, on average, about 25 years before replacement may be needed. As years pass, roof material can begin to deteriorate from exposure to rain, high temperatures, and humidity. ABC Roofing Corp., based in Coral Springs, has been serving South Florida residents for 30 years. A family-owned and state licensed roofer, they have the experience and knowledge to manage any type of roofing project from beginning to end, on-time and on-budget, to a client’s needs and taste.

Roof Replacement Checklist

With good planning and professional guidance, your roof replacement project can flow as easily as possible. For your convenience, here is a quick checklist to help you get started:

  • Choose a professional roofer that will keep you on target, within your budget, up to code, and on time.
  • Establish a detailed budget plan with your roofer. If you’re on a limited budget discuss with them if a roof repair will be sufficient until you have the budget for a replacement.
  • Before work begins, cross-check with your roofer that the required permits are in order with your city’s building and zoning office.
  • As with any home improvement project, protect your investment and update your insurance plan for seasonal storm coverage.

Hire a Professional Roofer

There are home improvement DIY projects which can be cost-effective and enjoyable, but a roof replacement job is not one of them. It is always worth the time and investment, whatever your budget, to hire a professional roofer. South Florida homeowners have to consider many factors such as the appropriate weather-proof material for the slope and pitch of their home in addition to permit requirements. Hiring an experienced, licensed roofer is key to any successful replacement project. Do some preliminary research or consider asking friends and neighbors for recommendations or referrals.

Fall is the ideal season to plan for a roof replacement since this time of year is South Florida’s more temperate climate. ABC Roofing Corp. are expert roofers who also partner with state licensed builders and subcontractors on roofing projects both big and small. Homeowners are in expert hands from beginning to completion, with a trusted family-operated roofing company that provides superior workmanship and hassle-free project support. Each phase will be handled with professionalism and consideration. They also offer a roofing coupon promotion from $50.00 (for any size repair) to $500.00 (on re-roof repair only).

Considering a roof replacement may seem a bit daunting, with all that we manage in our day to day lives. South Florida residents can trust in the knowledge and quality work provided by ABC Roofing Corp., who understand the value of your investment as well as the value of its contents – to provide shelter for your family and a lifetime shared in your home.

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