The Benefits Of Tile Roofs: Durable And Energy Efficient

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There’s no doubt that tiles are one of the most visually appealing roof materials. With their terracotta textures and curved shapes, they provide instant style to any home. However, there’s a lot more to tile roofs than meets the eye. Tiles are an incredibly durable roof material, as well as one of the most energy-efficient roof types.

Let’s take a closer look at the properties of tiles that make them the roof material of choice for so many South Floridians!

Benefits Of Tile Roofs: Legendary Durability

Tiles are the most durable type of roof material. With proper care and maintenance, they usually last for an astonishing 50 years or more. Whether they are made from clay or concrete, the secret weapon of tile roofs is their ability to withstand a range of extreme weather conditions, such as:

Rain And Hail

Florida’s humid and wet climate means that water resistance is key for roof durability. Roof materials which tend to absorb water or are prone to rain damage are more susceptible to mold growth and rotting. Clay and concrete tiles are very dense, which means that roofs made of these materials have a very low water absorbency rate (typically less than 1%).

This is especially the case with clay tiles, which are fired at very high temperatures and glazed to ensure maximum water resistance. Because they are fired at high temperatures, clay and concrete tiles are also very sturdy and robust. They are unlikely to crack even when being pelted with hailstones.

Wind And Hurricanes

Tile roofs are able to withstand high wind speeds. This is not only because tiles are much heavier than other roof materials, but also thanks to their interleaved structure and curved shape. These qualities allow wind to pass over the roof more easily, meaning that wind stress is reduced.

Of course, no roof is completely wind-proof, and roof repairs may be necessary after the hurricane season. However, the beauty of tiles is that you’ll only need to replace the few tiles that have been damaged and not the entire roof.

Unmatched Energy Efficiency

Tile roofs are known for their heat resistance. A cool roof is a must for any home exposed to a warm, tropical climate. Tiles are excellent at keeping homes cool in an energy-efficient way.

How does this work? The way tiles are laid over the roof foundation means that there is an air gap between the tile and roof underlayment. The layer of air underneath the roof tiles works as an insulator, keeping the heat out of your home. This means that your air conditioning unit won’t need to work as hard, so you’ll save thousands of dollars on electricity bills over the long term.

The color of clay and concrete tiles can also boost their heat resistance properties. Tiles that are a lighter color will reflect the sun’s rays, meaning that sunlight will “bounce” off your roof rather than be absorbed by it.

Tile Roofs And More In South Florida

When it comes to roof materials, tiles are a triple threat: they’re durable, energy efficient, and stylish all at once. We at ABC Roofing Corp have worked with clay and concrete tiles for years, and are experts in all matters of tile roof installation, maintenance, and repair.

To learn more about our residential and commercial roofing services, contact us at 954-344-4622 today. We’ll show you why we’re the trusted roof specialists of choice for hundreds of homeowners in South Florida.

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