Ways A Flat Roof Is More Modern & Provides More Outdoor Space

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Flat Roof

The benefit of a flat roof goes beyond its easy maintenance. Its extra space makes it more versatile than traditional roofs. Unlike a sloped roof, a flat roof provides an opportunity for more space above and below. The top of a flat roof is often used for a variety of purposes, such as a relaxing entertainment area or a rooftop garden. Apart from that, it is becoming increasingly popular due to its thermo-regulation properties that help to reduce energy consumption. What’s more, the design is considered a modern trend, for both residential and commercial buildings!

A Timeless Design

The flat roof was originally an ancient design that originated from Egyptian architecture styles. Now modernized, the flat roof has become a popular choice among many building owners due to its simple, yet neat, design. Flat roofs create the impression of long horizontal lines, which is considered reminiscent of nature’s horizon. The clean lines of the flat roof are often described as contemporary or minimalist design, due to the emphasis on linearity.

This simple yet sleek look also means that you can do more with the exterior decoration, and it can be used in a variety of different settings. Whether it is a small residential home, large office or upmarket holiday house, a flat roof design will do the job.

Benefits Of A Flat Roof

The simplicity not only helps with the aesthetic appeal but makes maintenance easy! There are a number of flat roofing facts that reveal the benefits of flat roof design:

  • Easy Maintenance

    Flat roofs do not require much maintenance, as it is quite sheltered in comparison to sloped roofs. the materials used to make flat roofs are usually stronger, as they can be made from mixed materials. This makes it more durable compared to some traditional sloped roofs. Should anything need to be fixed, it is also easy to access with a ladder, which means that flat roof maintenance can be done properly.

  • Reduced Cost

    A flat roof doesn’t require any decorative element therefore, making it cheap and easy to install and maintain.

  • Versatility

    Because it’s used for multiple purposes, you can design your rooftop to be almost anything; like an outdoor lounge area to relax or barbecue, or an entertainment area for guests.

Rooftop Gardens

A current trend that seems to be most popular for flat rooftops is a rooftop garden. Besides the aesthetic value, a rooftop garden can create potential habitats for wildlife and provide other ecological benefits, such as more oxygen. It also can help in reducing energy costs spent on insulation, as the coverage of plants can provide temperature control.

According to statistics compiled by global change.com, more than 30% of all carbon dioxide emissions in most developed countries come from thermo-regulation in buildings. For example, a study done on Chicago City Hall showed that roof temperatures fell by up to 30 degrees on summer days, and surrounding areas were cooler by nine degrees. With rooftop gardens, the energy expenditure cost can fall by up to 10%, as the garden’s insulation properties help to reduce costs over time.

Spending time in a rooftop garden can also contribute to relaxation and happiness, which is extremely beneficial from long term health. The fast-paced city life often pushes people to look for quiet retreats. A rooftop garden is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle, as you have your own bit of nature to turn to when needing peace of mind. A large part of the rooftop garden comes in the design of the garden, as there are endless rooftop garden designs and ideas. You can even install lighting systems or outdoor furnishings because the level surface area allows for more room to play!

Should You Get A Flat Roof?

If you’re looking for a stylish roof that is cost-effective, the flat roof is seriously something to consider. At ABC Roofing Corp, we do both residential and commercial flat roofing.

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