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South Florida’s climate and seasons can be a challenge when planning home maintenance and repair. Some of the main expenses that homeowners in Florida face include maintaining a central AC system, purchasing a pest control plan, installing high-impact windows or hurricane shutters, and roof repair and maintenance. We’re going to examine how residential roofs are structured and when it’s the best time to fix a roof leak.

Roof Structure and Materials for Sloped Roofs

Most residential homes in South Florida have roofs which are made from shingle (wood, flagstone, slate, of fake slate, metal, or composite materials) or tile (a more expensive, but highly water-resistant material).

The first layer of defense, is called sheathing or decking which is normally plywood on most residential roofs. (plywood), followed by the installation of an asphalt saturated base sheet and then underlayment for tile roofs (asphalt saturated 90Lb. felt, rubberized modified bitumen set in hot asphalt or Self Adhered underlyamnet) or). The shingles or tiles are then installed over he previously installed material.

As a homeowner, it’s important to know how your roof is structured and if the materials used are appropriate for the climate you live in.

Shingle Roof Diagram

Shingle roof diagram © Chris Philpot / Consumer Reports

Most roofs, on average, have a 7-10 year warranty for asphalt shingles and 10-12 years for tile. Over time, material can start to deteriorate due to exposure to the elements, storm damage, or insect infestation into the framing. The most common roof leaks begin where there is dry rot in the frame or water intrusion into the sheathing layer. Water can expand and pass into the ceiling, insulation, and interior of the home causing water damage and mold. If you think your roof materials are beginning to deteriorate a South Florida Roofing Expert like ABC Roofing Corp. can identify potential problem areas and advice how best to approach repair and maintenance.

Roof Leaks and Maintenance

Different areas of the roof can leak, including the flashing, vents, skylights, chimneys or at tie-in areas. Check for water stains on interior ceilings and walls, tell-tale signs of water intrusion. It’s important to deal with a roof leak immediately – a long-term leak left unchecked could cause more damage and cost more to repair. It’s a good idea to have your roof inspected at least once every two to three years to determine if there are unknown leaks or areas that need to be repaired. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your roof and save on the expense of a major replacement project.

The Ideal Season in South Florida

If you live in Florida and are planning a roof inspection or maintenance check, Fall is the best time of year to consider.

Roofing is a technical and labor-intensive trade. It is highly recommended not to attempt to fix a roof leak on your own without contracting a professional, licensed roofer. ABC Roofing Corp. also partners with certified contractors, architects, and designers in order to provide the best service to South Florida homeowners.

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