Are Roof Leaks Common On A New Roof?

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Whether your home is a brand-new build, or you live in an older house, a roof installation is a major expense. You’ve paid out a few several thousand dollars and you feel confident that your new roof will not require any maintenance in the short term.

That is, until you notice a leak.

Assess the Extent of the Roof Leak

Depending on the amount of water you can see coming through your ceiling, your first instinct will probably be to panic. This is understandable: the last thing you want is water damage to your floors, furniture, and appliances.

The next thing is to assess the circumstances.

  • Have there been adverse weather conditions such as a hurricane?
  • Can you pinpoint when the leak began?
  • Has the leak stopped?
  • How much potential damage could it cause in your home?

Don’t Get on the Roof Yourself

What you should never do is climb on the roof yourself to try and find the source of the leak. It would be all too easy to slip on wet tiles or trip over broken shingles. Falling off a roof without safety equipment could well result in a serious or even fatal injury.

Instead, Call a Professional Roofer

Call a professional roofer who can be trusted to give you an honest assessment and an assurance that any repairs can be undertaken in a timely manner. Requesting a guarantee on the workmanship is entirely reasonable and any contractor worth his or her name will gladly offer this.

Potential Causes of a New Roof Leak

Why would your brand-new roof spring a leak?

  • The Flashing

    Flashing comprises metal strips that are installed between the shingles and roof joints. These are sealed to prevent water seepage into the roof area, but if this is not done properly, that may be the source of your leak.

  • Cracked Shingles or Tiles

    Perhaps your roofing contract was too hasty when the shingles were laid, and one or more is cracked or broken. Roofs can carry some light foot traffic, but it’s not a walkway. A roof can be a delicate thing. Water always takes the path of least resistance, and even one broken shingle can instigate a leak.

  • Incorrect Installation of Seams and Insulation

    Possibly the seams of the roofing membrane which is laid down as insulation were not secured properly, allowing moisture to leak through any small gaps. The rolls of membrane have to be overlapped as they are not large enough to cover a roof expanse in one stretch, and they may not have been joined sufficiently to keep water out.

  • Proximity To The HVAC Unit

    Areas around an HVAC installation may be more susceptible to leaks as the roofing material may not adhere properly to the difficult shape. The shape of the roof, especially where there are steep valleys or pitches may also be problematic.

Who Pays for a New Roof Leak?

A roof leak is probably not covered by a basic home warranty. Check with your insurer whether you need to take out additional specified cover to cover a leak, even on a new roof. Depending on the severity of the leak, it may cost thousands of dollars to fix a leaky roof, especially if there is underlying damage.

If your new roof develops a leak within the first few months of installation, your roofing contractor should affect any repairs. If both parties signed a guarantee of workmanship for a specified period e.g., two years, the contractor would need to pick up the cost of any repairs, subject to any disclaimers contained in the contract.

Preventative Measures

As an aside, older roofs need to be maintained to avoid any potential costly leaks.

  • Keep gutters clean and free of debris such as leaves and birds’ nests
  • Ensure nearby tree branches do not encroach close to the roof as they could break off in a storm and cause damage to the tiles
  • Keep it clean and free of moss and mold growth

Again, ensure that only a qualified roofing contractor such as ABC Roofing undertakes any work that involves climbing onto the roof. They are trained to use the correct safety and work equipment in any situation.

New Roof Installation in Coral Springs and Jupiter

If you need a new roof, obtain at least three quotes from reputable local contractors. Ask for references from other satisfied customers and ask your neighbors for their recommendations as well. A new roof is a long-term expensive investment, and you want to be sure you will not need to undertake this unnecessarily.

If you’re in the market for a new roof, ABC Roofing Corp is the team of professionals you can trust. With over 30 years of experience working on Coral Springs and now Jupiter roofs, we’re the name you can count on. Call us today at 954-344-4622.

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