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The roof plays an important role in the home’s structural integrity, providing insulation, shelter, warmth, and safety for its occupants — especially during hurricane season in South Florida.

The high winds and heavy rainfall of hurricanes pose a significant threat to the roof and the rest of the home. For example, flying debris and flooding can cause extensive damage and compromise structural integrity.

Conducting hurricane roof inspections is a proactive way to protect your home against possible damage, and hiring a professional team ensures that the job is done right.

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The Risk Of Hurricanes On the Home

South Florida has a history of hurricanes with winds in excess of 155 mph, a speed that can have severe consequences for your home’s safety.

The roof, particularly, is exposed to the following threats during a hurricane:

  • Flying debris can puncture or dislodge roofing materials
  • Heavy rainfall can lead to water intrusion and flooding
  • Shingles, roof tiles, and the roof deck can be ripped off
  • Gutters can be pulled from the roof

When the roof is vulnerable, the risk of further damage to the home and your family, is high.

Hurricane Roof Inspections

Prevention is better than cure, especially when hurricanes are involved. Conducting a hurricane roof inspection minimizes the risk to your home and your family.

In most instances, the following tasks will be on a roofer’s inspection checklist.

Exterior Inspection

Assessing the roof’s exterior is an essential part of a hurricane roof inspection. Details such as the condition of the roofing materials, signs of damage, and moss will all be noted. Cracked shingles, blistering, poor sealing around chimneys, and algae (which can contribute to moisture retention) are all common issues noted during an exterior inspection.

Each of these vulnerabilities can compromise the roof’s integrity during a hurricane and have a serious knock-on effect. External inspections are important for assessing each of these elements. For example, flashing evaluation around the home’s chimneys, vents, and skylights will reveal vulnerabilities to water intrusion.

Roofers will also check gutters and downspouts for clogs, damage, or improper drainage. With the rains that come with the storm season, gutters must be working optimally. When dirt, weeds, or leaves block these elements, their function is limited, and water can seep into the roof.

Interior Inspection

The interior of the roof structure is just as important as the exterior, serving as the barrier between the inside of the home and the external elements. It is pivotal in providing protection against weather damage, moisture, and indoor comfort.

When conducting an interior inspection, the roofer will look for signs of water damage, any sagging between the rafters, cracks, and light coming through holes in the structure.

Inspecting the attic is a key part of the inspection, and a qualified roofer will assess the insulation and ventilation. Both details ensure comfort and safety during the hurricane season.

Structural Inspection

The roof’s structural components must be sturdy and strong leading up to hurricane season. Weak rafters or beams can compromise the strength of the whole roof system and increase the risk of damage during a hurricane.

Trusses, decking, ridge beams, eaves, and overhangs are other structural components to be assessed. Roofers will look for rot, cracks, warping, and deterioration that jeopardize the roof’s structural integrity. Once weaknesses are identified, they need to be fixed. Investing in professional roof repairs boosts the home’s resilience against weather-related damage and prevents more costly damage in the future.

Surrounding Inspection

Reputable roofers will go the extra mile and briefly assess the surrounding area, noting overhanging branches and trees that could pose a risk to your roof (or windows). Branches may break off and cause damage, and shaded areas can contribute to the build-up of moss and mildew.

Roofers may also recommend moving outdoor furniture and other items that could be hazardous during high winds. These proactive recommendations can help protect your home during the hurricane season (and prevent costly repairs in the long run).

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

In addition to hurricane roof inspections, there are other simple steps that you can take to prepare your roof for the hurricane season.

Assess The Yard

By shifting the focus to the rest of the yard, you can add extra layers of protection for your roof.

For example, relocate or secure all yard amenities, such as trampolines and outdoor furniture. Move them inside or weigh them down so that they don’t get carried away when the heavy winds begin to blow. Securing (or relocating) items prevents debris from damaging your roof.

In another example, you can trim trees with overhanging branches to prevent them from breaking and falling onto your roof and causing structural damage.

Be Proactive About Roof Repairs

A roofing inspection is only the first step to preparing your home for hurricane season. Next, you need to implement repairs and fix the weaknesses within your roofing structure.

Some areas of the roof are more vulnerable than others. These sections of the home are vulnerable to leaks and water stains, which can compromise the home’s structural integrity during a hurricane. For example, keep a close eye on your attic.

Pay Attention To The Weather

While the hurricane season in South Florida runs from June 1 until November 30, certain days will present more extreme weather than others. Staying updated with the forecast will help you prepare for the risk of flash flooding and give you time to secure your yard by relocating all outdoor furniture and maintaining tree branches.

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Trust ABC Roofing With Your Hurricane Roofing Inspection

At ABC Roofing, we offer hurricane roofing inspections to help secure your home for the high winds and heavy rainfall of hurricane season.

Our preventative maintenance efforts and inspections are founded on years of expertise, with our comprehensive evaluation ensures that your roofing structure is secure and watertight.

We also offer leak repair, tile replacement, and more, ensuring that your home is ready to weather the storm Call us at (954) 344-4622 to find out more.

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