What’s The Difference Between A Shingle Roof And A Tile Roof

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When it comes to the harsh storms and hurricanes that we experience in South Florida, your roof is going to take the first hit. For this reason, choosing the right roofing material is a crucial decision that you need to make. It impacts your property’s value, aesthetics, and overall longevity. The two most popular roofing options in the peninsula are shingles and tiles.

Homeowners need to know what sets a shingle roof apart from a tile roof. At ABC Roofing Corp. we have a wealth of experience with both types of roof coverings. That’s why we’ve assembled this guide to help you make an informed decision for your next roofing project.

Material Differences of Shingles vs. Tiles

The most significant difference between shingle and tile roofs lies in the materials used.

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Primarily composed of asphalt, shingles are a cost-effective and widely used roofing material. Asphalt shingles come in various styles, including three-tab, architectural, and luxury options. They may also incorporate fiberglass or organic materials for added strength and aesthetics.

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Tiled roofs offer a more premium look and have by far the most superior durability. There are many different types of tile materials but we’ll list some of the more common ones here:


Clay tiles provide a traditional, elegant aesthetic that is reminiscent of Mediterranean architecture. They are a long-lasting and fire-resistant option with excellent energy efficiency metrics.


Concrete tiles come in as a more affordable option to clay since they are easier to mass produce and the materials used cost less. They have a similar longevity and strength to clay tiles.


Slate tiles are an old type of tile that has been used in various cultures for centuries. They are well known for their natural beauty – the slate rock is hewn from the earth as is and shaped into a tile. They have an unmatched lifespan, in many cases lasting for well over a century. Because of their labor-intensive production process, they are the most expensive option for a tile roof and will certainly add to a home’s value.

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Considering the Cost: Upfront vs. Long-Term

When it comes to budget, asphalt shingles are the obvious choice as they are made from materials that are more cost-effective and require a less labor-intensive installation. When you’re planning your budget for an asphalt roof you will have to factor in long-term maintenance. Asphalt shingle roofs have a typical lifespan of around 15-20 years depending on the climate and grade of shingle.

Tile roofs are almost the inverse of this. They come with a significantly higher upfront cost but will require much less maintenance over the long term. The materials used to make clay tiles in general are more costly than shingles and the labor required to install them costs more too. This is because there is more weight and intricacies involved in the installation process. The lifespan of tile roofs may exceed 50 years or longer if the roof has been maintained well and a reputable roofing company carried out the installation. Due to the length of service these tiles can provide, it could make it the most cost-effective option in the long run.

Additional Factors Affecting Costs

With roofing, the underlying structures and requirements for code also need to be considered when budgeting.

Roof Pitch

Steeper roofs need more to secure them according to the load placed on them by the tiles and weather alike. These costs can be realized in both labor and materials adding to the total cost.

Local Availability

The law of supply and demand is ever present, even in the roofing trade! If the tiles that you have chosen are not locally available then you may need to ship them in from a remote supplier which can add to the costs.

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Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

Shingles have numerous options and colors. Whether you would like a more architectural style or something more traditional, there are shingles available that can complement your home’s general design. Shingle roof tiles are available in classic colors such as black, gray, and brown. They can also offer options that mimic the look of other materials like wood or slate.

When it comes to sophistication tile roofs can add a touch of timeless elegance to an otherwise standard home. The natural tones of clay and slate tiles make for an earthy, Mediterranean feel. Concrete tiles on the other hand are made in a multitude of color options and styles. They can offer a visually distinctive and luxurious appearance to your home.

Whatever choice you land on aesthetically, remember that the Florida building code or Home Owners Association (HOA) regulations may have an impact on some of your decisions.

When considering aesthetics, remember that certain roof styles may be restricted by local building codes or homeowner association (HOA) regulations.

Durability and Weather Resistance

When it comes to protection against the elements both shingle roofs and tiles can cope admirably with what the weather throws at them. They both have their nuances concerning their susceptibility to certain conditions.


Asphalt shingles are vulnerable to strong winds and hail, which can cause them to crack or tear. They are also susceptible to UV degradation over time, leading them to become brittle and crack.


Tile roofs are generally more resistant to wind, hail, and fire. Clay, slate, and concrete tiles are particularly fire-resistant, making them a good choice for areas prone to wildfires.

Environmental Impact

When it comes to their environmental impact, a shingle roof has a lower upfront impact since the shingles themselves are manufactured from readily available materials. Unfortunately, asphalt shingle tiles production does make use of petroleum products, and landfills are often where old shingles end up.

In the environmental competition, tile roofs are the champions. They are often made from natural materials and can have a generational lifespan.

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