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Boral Tile Roofing

Boral Tile Roofing is a Florida-based tile roofing company that designs roof tiles in an array of styles that are unique and green for the environment. Boral offers products that are just as functional as they are aesthetically unique, giving your home or commercial building an extra advantage over nearby structures. ABC Roofing is here to give you all the details on why Boral roof tiles are the new standard.

A Durable Option For Roofing

Boral Tile tests their products under the same conditions Florida homes experience yearly. These include stress testing and durability testing under a variety of natural elements including high heat, high winds, and flooding. South Florida is no stranger to natural disasters. It’s important to protect your property with the very best, designed for exactly what your home needs. Boral’s high durability standards along with their Class-A fire rating give your home the best protection.

Green and Cost-Effective

Boral products are among the most environmentally friendly. Tiles are made of recyclable materials such as sand, cement, and water-based sealers. Roofs are designed to provide your home with added circulation under the tiles, keeping your home cooler in the Florida heat. For chilly nights the circulation adds extra warmth to your home, saving you money on cooling and heating costs.

Boral tiles require little maintenance while providing higher than average longevity for your home. In the end, you save money both short-term and long-term by fitting your roof with a green, durable and cost-effective solution. In addition, your installation is backed by Boral’s limited lifetime warranty.

Great Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

Boral is committed to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. If you’re on the fence about whether tile roofing is a viable solution for your home, Boral Tile will provide you with personalized up-to-date information on roofing solutions. Although Boral has a wide selection of products, if none happens to be a fit for your needs, the company offers customizable designs to make your vision come true.

Roof Maintenance

Being a Boral Tile customer has its perks. However, to make the most out of your new product, you must maintain and inspect your roof regularly.

Mildew, Algae, and Mold Treatment

South Florida is no stranger to overbearing heat and humidity. These weather conditions make the perfect habitat for mildew, algae, and mold. These organisms do not grow directly on the tile itself, however, the accumulation of dirt and other materials that settle on the roof, cause the growth of spores. The additional moisture and extra sunlight only add to their growth.

Roof Damage

Surprisingly, walking on your roof frequently can cause more damage than the weather. Around the holidays, people walk on their roofs to install Christmas lights and other decorations. Some people simply use roofs as areas of recreation and relaxation. To avoid damage to your tiles we recommend limiting foot traffic on your roof as much as possible. If you suspect that there might be damage contact us for a consultation. Our professionals are trained to safely and accurately assess your roof to determine if replacement or repair is necessary.


Efflorescence is a naturally occurring chemical process that gives tiles a white, chalky, appearance. This in no way affects the safety or functionality of your tiles. The good news is that this requires no maintenance. If you dislike the appearance of your roof just wait until it rains. The chalky appearance will be naturally removed by rainwater and carbon dioxide, restoring your roof to its original appearance.

For additional information on Boral products, contact ABC Roofing Corp. today. We’re here to provide you with the best roofing solutions for your home or business. Call us at 954-344-4622.

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