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Choosing A New Roof

Choosing a new roof can be overwhelming for homeowners, with all the options available it is easy to get confused by what you want, what you think you need and what you can afford. That is where we can help – here we look at what you need to consider when choosing a new roof and the different roofing options that are available.

What To Consider When Choosing A New Roof

Homeowners in South Florida must consider many factors when choosing a new roof, because of our weather conditions. Your home is a big investment and protecting it from damage from hurricanes, storms and daily humidity can be challenging. Knowing what to keep in mind while shopping for a new roof is essential to prevent choosing a roof that does not meet the environmental needs of the area you live in. A poor decision can result in a roof that does not stand the test of time and that could end up costing you more than just money. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a new roof:

  1. Durability

    Choosing a roof that is made of durable roofing material protects your home and your family. Your roof can last up to 25 years without any need of replacement if you choose a material that is versatile and responds to the weather conditions you live in. Of course, with regular roof maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your roof.

  2. Cost

    When choosing a new roof, you should consider what it will cost in the short and long term. In the short term, buying an inexpensive roof and its materials might seem like a good idea but it could cost you more in the months or years that follow. A material that requires regular roof repairs can end up costing you more money and may jeopardize your family’s safety.

  3. Compliance

    Local building codes along with homeowners’ associations will directly influence the type of roof you choose. You must make sure you use an experienced roofing company that uses city and state code compliant materials. Many homeowners’ associations have rules and regulations about what type and color of roof your home can have – make sure you check with them before replacing your roof.

Residential Roofing Options

The 2 most preferred roofing materials in South Florida for sloped roofs are Cement or Clay Tiles and Asphalt Shingle. The shingles are made of organic paper fiber mat or fiberglass that is combined with asphalt and then coated with mineral granules. It comes in different styles, allowing for more variety. Asphalt shingle is recycled and is durable in subtropical climates.

When re-roofing a residential flat roof a TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) rooting system is one of the better choices. TPO membrane has been specifically designed to have the advantages of rubber roofing combined with hot -air weldable seams for extra durability. The membrane is strong, long lasting and energy efficient which makes this system the more popular choice.

When it comes to the time to choose a new roof, it is important to choose a reliable roof installation company too. Doing so at the beginning of your search will allow you to build a relationship with the company before the installation starts and receive expert advice to prevent choosing a roof that is not suitable for your needs.

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