Importance Of Commercial Roof Repairs To Prevent Costly Damage

Commercial Roofing

commercial roof repair

As a commercial property owner, you should never shy away from commercial roof repair. You may not realize it, but your roof is an integral part of your property. You may think it is okay to postpone commercial roofing maintenance, however, the longer you leave it, the worse the damage can become. There will always be upfront costs involved in roof repair, but there are also ways you can save money with your commercial roof repairs.

How Can I Save Money With Commercial Roof Repairs?

Saving money on your roofing repairs starts with thinking smart. You may think it’s an unnecessary expense to invest in regular, preventative maintenance, but when it comes to your commercial property, regular maintenance is vital. With regular maintenance, you’ll be able to spot smaller repair issues before they become costly major problems. Maintenance will also help save money in other ways such as:

1) Roofing longevity

A commercial roof can last anywhere between 10 to 30 years. This depends on the type of materials used and how well they are maintained. Maintenance will help extend your roofing lifespan by preventing damage from debris and adverse weather conditions. Keep in mind that it’s more cost-effective to maintain your roof for 40 years than to replace your roof every 10 years. Regular maintenance also ensures that there is no downtime for your commercial property.

2) Reduces the need for major repair’s

Aside from improving the lifespan of your roof. Repairs will help reduce the need for bigger repairs at a later stage. These major repairs can be a costly unwelcome surprise.

3) Environmentally friendly

Commercial property owners are familiar with higher-than-average utility bills. Maintenance ensures that your building is ventilated and has the right amount of insulation. This means you won’t have your buildings’ air conditioning running non-stop. By lowering your energy consumption, you will also, in turn, lower your carbon footprint and lower your monthly utility bills.

4) Keeping your reputation intact

As a service provider, you don’t want to deal with downtime for your commercial property. Irrespective of the type of commercial property it is, be it a business or an apartment block. You don’t want to run the risk of harming your business or affecting your buildings’ occupants. Keep in mind that there will be a knockoff effect on your reputation if your building tenants are disgruntled. It can lead to the cancelation of contracts or tenants moving out to other buildings.

What Do I Need To Do To Keep My Roof Maintained?

There are also a few signs you need repairs; noticing these signs early will help keep your roof maintained.

  1. Blistering: if your roof is blistering or “peeling” in places, chances are high that it may be compromised by moisture.
  2. Gaps: If you didn’t enlist the services of a reputable roofing contractor, you may notice gaps between your roof flashings. A definite sign is if you’re constantly dealing with water damage or drainage issues.
  3. Standing water: Any sign of pooling or standing water is not a good one. If your roofing drainage system was installed incorrectly, water will pool. Standing water is not only a breeding ground for vermin and bacteria, but it can cause structural damage to your roof.
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Commercial Roof Repairs The ABC Roofing Way

A sure-fire way to ensure that you’re properly maintaining your commercial roof, lowering your overall energy consumption, and keeping your building occupants happy, is to invest in regular roofing inspections. Enlist the services of a trusted and reliable roofing contractor, such as ABC Roofing, to help handle your commercial maintenance needs. For more information or to find out more about our maintenance plans, contact us today at 954-344-4622!

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