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Residents of Broward County are no strangers to Florida’s unpredictable and sometimes harsh weather. Looking after your roof is important if you want to keep your belongings safe and dry, especially during hurricane season.

Do you know what roofing services you need? And do you know how to find the best Broward County roofing company to provide these services?

Read on to discover signs your roof needs professional attention and learn how to choose a roofing contractor you can trust and rely on for years to come.

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How To Tell What Your Roof Needs

When looking for the best roofing contractor for your needs, it’s helpful if you can give them a quick overview of the work you need to be done.

To make it easier for you to know what your roof needs, here is a list of signs you need a specific roofing service:

Leak Repair

Your roof may need a leak repair if you’ve noticed signs of water damage throughout your home. Leak repair involves replacing damaged shingles or roof tiles and resealing the affected area.

Tile Replacement

If one of your roof tiles is damaged or missing, a qualified roofing contractor can replace the tile and ensure its sealed correctly. This not only prevents roof leaks but also helps to protect the surrounding tiles from damage.

Roof Replacement

If your roof is over 20 years old, or if it sustained extensive damage due to a storm, it’s time to think about roof replacement.

Different factors affect the cost of re-roofing your home, but a good roofing contractor will walk you through the budget before they start working. This ensures you’re prepared for the cost and pre-warned of any surprise costs that may arise.


It’s important to schedule roof inspections at least once a year to prolong the lifespan of your roof. Annual or twice-yearly inspections can keep your maintenance costs down by alerting you of issues as soon as they appear rather than letting them get worse over time.

Coating Flat Roofs

Is your flat roof adequately prepared to face the elements?

Applying a roof coating strengthens your flat roof’s water-tight seal, preserves your roof to extend its lifespan, and helps to reduce your energy bill by improving your roof’s insulation.

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Qualities To Look For In A Roofing Contractor

When you have an idea of the roofing service you need, it’s time to begin contractor shopping!

Here is a list of qualities and characteristics to prioritize as you search for the best Broward County roofing contractor:


State-certified qualifications and licenses are non-negotiable when dealing with something as important as your roof. If someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, they put you and your family at risk of serious harm.

Always work with licensed and certified roofing contractors to protect your family and ensure your home complies with local building codes.


While every roofing contractor must start from somewhere, it’s always best to trust a professional who’s been in the industry for a while.


When working with any professional, it’s vital they are transparent about the cost of their services. A good roofing contractor will be clear about upfront costs, warranties, and potential extra costs.

Keep in mind that when it comes to contractor work, cheaper is not always better! Unfortunately, extremely low prices can indicate a lack of experience or skill. When comparing quotes from multiple companies, also weigh up the experience, skill, and quality of the materials each company uses.


When contractors work on any part of your home, you have to interact with them throughout the job. Our team prioritizes efficient work and minimizes disruptions to your home and your everyday schedule.

Since some roofing work (like replacements) can take a while to finish, it’s likely our team will be in your space for several days. When this happens, you can expect us to clean up after ourselves and remain friendly and helpful throughout the project.

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ABC Roofing: Your #1 Choice For Broward County Roofing Services

If you’re looking for a Broward County roofing contractor, look no further than ABC Roofing. Family-owned and state-certified, ABC Roofing promises to keep you covered and secure. Whether you need a small repair or a full-scale roof replacement, your roof is in good hands with us.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule any of our services, contact us at (954) 344-4622 today.

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