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Commercial re-roofing is being hit by a new trend: cool roofing. At its core, having a roof over our heads has long been necessary to protect us from the elements, no matter which part of the world we lived in. A reliable roof can protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, the rain’s dramatic effects, and the deep chill of snow. Out of this necessity, different roofing styles were born: some insulated heat, some deflected heat depending on your climate.

In South Florida, we not only need a roof to protect us from torrential downpours and hurricanes. We need a roof to protect us from the sun, too, which is never scarce in our part of the state. This necessity has sparked the latest roofing trend: cool roofing, a game-changer which should be a no-brainer addition to any building structure in South Florida – even more so if you are a business-owner and in need of commercial re-roofing.

What is Cool Roofing?

Cool roofing is the construction of a roof from materials that can naturally resist the effects of the sun without becoming extremely hot. A cool roof has a trickle-down effect as it relates to a cooler home, office, and/or living space. Primary materials used in the construction of a cool roof are those which deflect UV rays, rather than absorb them.

How Can You Make Your Roof a Cool Roof?

This can be done in a variety of ways, through the use of excessive layers of white paint, reflective paint, or solar-reflective granules in asphalt shingles (the latter of which keeps the roof cool and slows down the deterioration of your roof). The next step in successful cool roofing is installing effective insulation beneath the roof itself. In normal roofs, the attic tends to heat up, bearing the brunt of the roof’s inability to handle the sun and making the roof even hotter than it is.

With cool roofing, the roof deck is insulated from below, ensuring that the heat of the sun on your roof can’t break through the insulation barrier and heat up your home or business. The wear and tear on your roof is also better when you insulate from below, because insulation keeps your roof cool, too. The third tactic for effective cool roofing is the installation of a ventilator in your attic which keeps the air moving and prevents a heat build-up.

The Benefits of Cool Roofing

  • It is more energy efficient, and by default, cost efficient. If your roof is keeping your home or business cool, it’ll mean far less work for your own cooling system. Your air-conditioning and monthly energy bills are about to be cut a break!
  • The roof itself is more durable, ensuring that it will last longer. To make a cool roof, we use elements that will respond well to the climate the roof will need to withstand, so it will come as no small surprise that a cool roof will also translate to a roof that lasts longer. By taking steps to keep your roof cool you will extend the lifespan of a regular tile roof tremendously if the materials are sympathetic to cool roofing – the perfect combination needed to cope with the onslaught of South Florida sun and remain pocket-friendly.
  • You’re guaranteed less mold and mildew. South Florida is notorious for its humid environment, and with that can come humidity issues. With a cool roof’s air ventilation, the risk of this developing is much lower than in a standard tile roof.
  • Year-round benefits are surprising additions to the benefits of cool roofing. Warm roofs in winter, due to your home or business’s heating system, can often lead to ice dams and leaks as a result of snow melting and refreezing as it makes it’s why down the heated sections of your roof to the non-heated sections. A cool roof prevents this transfer of heat which in turn will prevent the abnormal melting of snow.

For your next commercial re-roofing project, let ABC Roofing Corp. install a cool roof, and see the long and short-term benefits instantly!

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