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Finding a roof leak can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. They’re often small and hard to locate. But this doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Remember that even the smallest leak can cause considerable water damage. Leaks can easily lead to mold growth, damaged ceilings, and rotted framing. The good news is that there are some easy ways to locate roof leaks. We’ll show you some simple tricks to help you find those leaks, and give you solid roof leak repair advice. Prepare to say goodbye to that irritating roof leak.

How to Find Roof Leaks

Locating the source of your roof leak is the key to getting it fixed.

Follow these three steps to find your roof leak fast:

Look For the Early Signs 

Most roof leaks give you early warning signs. It’s all about having a discerning eye to pick up an early leak. It’s like how we often experience symptoms when we are sick. Our bodies are telling us that something’s wrong. In the same way, your home may be giving you some warning signs. Consider these signs to be your friend, as they may save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Although many roof leaks present with dripping water, there are other clues worth exploring.

These include:

  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Irregular spots on exterior walls
  • A musty odor in a room
  • Warped or missing shingles
  • Interior wall bulging

If you notice any of these signs, it might be time to call in a professional roofer. They will conduct a full water leak inspection and get your roof leak repair done in no time.

Check The Attic 

Few of us enjoy taking a trip into our attic. But it’s an important barrier between our roof and our ceiling. If you’re comfortable going up, make sure you take a flashlight, as it gets dark up there. Be sure to use a ladder in good condition to climb up. You’ll also need to be careful not to put a hole through your ceiling board. Once you’re up, be on the lookout for any water stains, black marks, or dripping sounds. Make sure you check every part of your ceiling.

Before you get too gung-ho on adventuring into your attic, we advise you to rather get in an experienced roofer. Climbing into your attic will place you in increased danger of injuring yourself. This is one of those times when it’s best to get in the professionals.

Ready The Rain

Still not able to find that roof leak? Sometimes it’s best to get the water flowing. If you have a garden hose, you may be able to spray water onto your roof. While doing this, you’ll want a friend or family member to watch inside for any potential leaking. Remember to spray each area of your roof for a few minutes. Some leaks take a while to show themselves. It’s never advisable to climb onto your roof, so once again, don’t take matters into your own hands. Alternatively, it might be time to do a quick rain dance and wait for the real thing.

How To Fix Your Roof Leak

Now that you’ve found the roof leak, it’s time to get onto repairing it. If the leak is bad, you may want to get some buckets to help catch the water around the house. Here are our top roof fixes.

Use Roofing Tape 

Roofing tape can work wonders for quick fixes. You’ll need to stick it on the inside of your roofing material. Tear off some tape and patch it onto the affected areas. Be careful to cover the entire hole generously with tape. Remember that this is only a temporary fix. It will buy you time while calling in a roofing professional to do a proper fix.

Apply Roofing Cement

It’s wise to keep a tube of plastic roofing cement on hand for roofing emergencies. It’s an excellent fast-acting sealant to stop those leaks fast. Keep in mind that you’ll need a roofing trowel or a putty knife to apply it correctly. Once again, this is only a temporary leak repair technique. If you suspect a larger issue, don’t hesitate to get help.

Throw A Tarp 

A tarp is a handy way to temporarily help with a roof leak. Once the leak is located, you’ll need to cover a significant part of your roof with a tarp. Next, it’s time to secure it by either tying it or sticking it down with duct tape. Tarp coverage is only advisable in emergencies where help isn’t available. It’s best to get in that roofer as soon as possible.

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