Old Roof – Repair or Replace?

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old roof repair

As a homeowner, when your roof starts to show signs of aging, you’re often faced with the choice of old roof repair versus replace. Each solution offers its own advantages and disadvantages, meaning that the choice comes down to which solution is better at addressing your needs.

On average, a roof has a lifespan of 15 – 20 years, if well-maintained and cared for. It’s important that you get the maximum longevity out of your roof, therefore the age of your roof can influence your decision to repair or replace. As a precautionary measure, also make sure to do an annual maintenance check of your roof, clearing any debris, looking out for leaks, mold, water, wind, sun and rain damage and loose shingles and repairing any tiles, holes or tears immediately. Roofs in Florida are particularly affected by wind and sun damage.

So, how does repairing an old roof compare to replacing it? Let’s get into some more detail.

Old Roof Repair

Old roof repair is recommended when the damage is confined to a small area of the roof or one side in particular. Repairing works in this situation as it is easier to reroof a section and mix new materials with the old roof style, however there is no guarantee that other sections of your roof won’t start showing signs of damage. It’s therefore vital that a professional roofer carries out the repair, in order to ensure that the resilience of the roof as a whole is not compromised. The biggest advantage of old roof repair is that it is more cost effective than replacing a roof. If your budget is tight, and you don’t have the funds for a total roof overhaul, roof repair might be a more ideal solution. This solution is recommended for a roof that is still in good condition, is within the 10 year age period and has issues that are reversible. A roof repair can extend the lifespan of your roof for a number of years and provide you with enough time to budget for a roof replacement in the future when it becomes necessary. However, bear in mind that roofing costs are calculated by square footage, therefore if there is multiple damage, it might work out cheaper to replace the entire roof.

Another advantage of repairing a roof is that the time period that it takes to repair a roof is much quicker than replacing a whole roof. Therefore if you have time constraints, this may be a better solution.

Old Roof Replacement

If your roof is very old or badly damaged, a roof repair may not be enough. If there is extensive water damage or sagging, your roof needs to be replaced immediately, before it leads to further problems. Repairing the most obvious problems doesn’t address all the underlying issues that are causing damage, and repair may need to be done regularly, incurring costs throughout. In these cases, sometimes starting fresh with a new roof is the best solution. This provides you with guaranteed protection for 10 years, and as a homeowner, the chance to start over and maintain your roof properly.

If you choose to replace your roof, bear in mind that you’ll have to deal with construction and weather conditions. In most cases, homeowners will have to move out of the house while the roof is replaced, and factors like weather can affect the progress. Ideally, it’s best to replace or repair a roof when there is minimal rain and wind.

A professional should be consulted to assess the damage of your roof and help guide your decision to either replace or repair your roof. It’s important that your use a qualified roofing professional, even for the smallest of repairs, as a DIY job can lead to further damage. Call (954) 344-4622 now.

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