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If you’re focused on having an aesthetically pleasing home, there’s nothing more irritating than having mold, fungi, and algae take root on your roof. Your once vibrant roofing tiles may end up with an unwanted hue that takes away from your home’s aesthetic appeal. Aside from the negative aesthetic impacts, mold and fungi growing on your roof can cause damage to your roofing structure.

Many homeowners are always dealing with mold growth on their roofs in a high-humidity location such as South Florida. The only way to combat constant growth is to regularly clean your roof. However, there is a way to get longer-lasting results from your roof clearing, and that’s with Roof-A-Cide.

What is Roof-A-Cide?

Roof-A-Cide is an alternative method of cleaning your residential or commercial roof. Unlike harsh chemical cleaners, it’s a non-toxic alternative with longer-lasting results.

Pressure washing and chemical cleaners can remove algae and mold from your roof, but both methods can impact your roof’s longevity. Chemicals alongside a pressure wash can damage the integrity of your roof and even cause structural damage.

Using a non-toxic alternative is not only better for your roof but also for the environment. It won’t have an impact on the natural environment, whereas the runoff from chemical cleaners can sometimes have an impact on your pets.

How Does Roof-A-Cide Protect My Roof?

Roof-A-Cide reduces the number of times you will need to have your residential or commercial roof cleaned. This saves you time and money because it lessens the need for repetitive roof cleaning in a short timeframe.

Another aspect of protection lies in how Roof-A-Cide is made. It contains non-toxic properties that can restore your residential or commercial roof to its former glory, making it look like it was the day it was first installed.

Aside from the fact it’s longer lasting, non-toxic, and safe to use on most types of roofing. It has been proven to reduce the recurrence of mold and algae.

What’s The Best Way To Clean My Roof?

While it’s possible to clean your roof, it isn’t recommended to.  ABC Roofing’s Guide On Roof Cleaning is a great way to see what goes into roof cleaning. Keep in mind that without the proper knowledge, tools, and equipment, it can be dangerous to clean your roof yourself. 

This is why people hire a team of licensed roofing contractors like the team at ABC Roofing. Roofing contractors know the best way to ensure that your roof is cleaned in a safe and time-efficient manner. Utilizing Roof-A-Cide is just a cost-effective, hassle and fuss-free way to ensure your roof is free from algae, mold, and fungi for up to two years.

Why Does ABC Roofing Use Roof-A-Cide?

Aside from the fact that Roof-A-Cide has more than 25 years to perfect its formulae, it is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved.

At ABC Roofing, our priority is offering trustworthy and high-quality services to both residential and commercial property owners.

To find out more about having your property’s roof cleaned with Roof-A-Cide give us a call today at 954-344-4622!

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