Protecting Your Roof: Hang Holiday Lights Without Damaging Your Roof

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Protecting Your Roof

Ho ho oh no! Holiday lights are wonderful and festive until they result in your foot cracking a few roof tiles or breaking through a layer of your roof. Sometimes we get so caught up in the festive spirit that we forget about protecting our roof. Perhaps you want to beat your neighbors and have the best lights and decorations in the neighborhood. But that won’t be possible if you damage the structure or design of your roof by being too eager. Your safety comes first (and spectacular Christmas decorations come second). We encourage you to keep your festive spirit while also protecting your roof from any damage.

The festive season is all about family, gratitude, love, turkey and, of course, lights and decorations. But don’t go bolting up onto your roof just yet. Something as innocent and joyful as hanging up decorations on your roof can lead to a costly and dangerous accident. This is not an issue you want to face during the festive season. Before you go up and tackle the decorations by yourself, read through our helpful guide to ensure that both you and your roof remain safe and undamaged this holiday season.

The Dark Side of Holiday Lights

It might seem like an exciting idea to jump onto the roof and put up your own decorations. But the smallest hole or crack in your roof shingles or tiles, for example, can let in enough moisture to wreak havoc on your roof if the underlayment has been compromised. This can negatively impact the structural integrity of the roof, and the leak can damage the rest of your home and your valuable possessions. Never use a hammer and nails up there – nailing in Christmas lights on a weak section of your roof can create long-lasting damage. Let’s not forget the risk of falling or slipping off the roof.

No matter where the lights and decorations are going, you’ll want to follow some basic safety guidelines to ensure an accident-free festive-full season. For starters, ensure that all electrical wires are untangled and properly sealed up. Where appropriate, extension cords, adaptors, decorations, and lights must be waterproof and approved for outdoor use. If you decide to hang up decorations in the branches of a tree or other high up places, make sure you use a ladder properly and safely. Get someone to hold the ladder securely while you’re on it. Caution is key.

Don’t be excessive with the lighting. If you overload the breaker, you could have a fire on your hands. To stay on the safe side, we suggest you call a licensed electrician to help with setting up elaborate electrics.

When in Doubt, Ask a Professional Roofer

If you are inexperienced, walking on your roof is going to shorten possibly create damage to your roof. Qualified roofing contractors will have the expertise and equipment to safely and effectively walk on your roof. So, if you desperately need Holiday decorations and lights to be on your roof this year, get professional roofing help before trying it yourself. This might seem pointless and over-the-top in the moment, but it might just save you thousands of dollars in potential roof repairs or even a roof replacement.

In the unfortunate case that you’re reading this article too late and you have a damaged roof hanging over your head, contact roofing specialists for professional assistance. While you have the professionals up there, we suggest having a comprehensive inspection done to ensure that all is good condition. Our roofing professionals will come to your rescue to fix any issues such as cracked roof tiles, leaky roofs, shingle repair or any other home roof repairs.

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