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The decision to replace your roof is a big one and getting it right the first time is important – that’s why you want to ensure you get the best roofers available and unfortunately there are several roofing companies out there who cut corners or lie to maximize their profits at your expense. Along with our guide on how to find a trustworthy roofing company, you’ll have all the tools available to spot out a shady roofing company.

No Online Presence​​​​​​​

No successful business can operate today without an online presence. Whether it’s a website or a social media page, all companies have some sort of online presence to help gain customers. If you come across a roofer that has no online presence, this includes not having a profile with the NRCA or with the Better Business Bureau, chances are they are not as legitimate as they claim.

No Portfolio Or References

Any good roofing company will have either a portfolio or reference page available to reinsure prospective customers of the quality of their work and their professionalism. If a roofing company refuses to provide you with any proof of their work, chances are they know their work isn’t up to standard.

Using online resources is also important. Take time to read reviews from customers that have used their services. Google reviews and social media reviews are great resources to use. The satisfaction of previous customers is one of the best ways to determine the quality of the roofer’s work.

Overcharging or Swapping Materials

Before you commit to a roofing company, ask them to send you a quote that has a detailed list of the materials that they plan on using along. Once you’ve received quotes from a few different reputable roofers, read thru them thoroughly and match them up to compare apples to apples. This should be able to tell you which company is using company is using quality roofing materials, and if the amount they quoted is within a standard comparable price range. Also make sure to look for hidden fee’s and “unknown” charges.

Once materials start arriving at your property, don’t be shy to inspect the materials yourself. You should make sure that the items being delivered are the same items you have been quoted for. Some roofing companies will try to swap out the high-quality materials they quoted you for cheaper alternatives, and it’s in your best interest to check that you are receiving what you paid for. However, if the materials are on your roof and you can’t get to them, look through your permit for the materials being used, it should match up to your contract.

Poor Communication Or Pressure

Once you’ve received a quote, any good roofing company will understand that replacing a roof is an expensive investment and that you are naturally going to want to shop around, and do some comparisons and research. If any roofing company tries to pressure you into choosing them, start looking for another roofer.

Another sign to look out for is poor communication.  Non-reputable roofing companies are often difficult to contact if you have any questions or concerns, as they try to keep you in the dark about what they are doing. Some things to look out for are attempting to deliver materials to your property when nobody is there, and deliberately avoiding contacting you to set up a delivery date and time, so they can charge you extra for storage or delivery fees.

​You can also familiarize yourself with the basics of roofing, to avoid a potential roofer from confusing you about what they are doing.  if you have an understanding of what is involved in the process of roof replacement then you are more aware of things that just don’t seem right.

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