The Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof

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Roof-top solar panels make a great addition to any home. Solar panels are not just environmentally friendly, but they also help you save money in the long run.

As the cost of using solar power continues to go down each year, more and more Americans are choosing to switch over. In 2020, solar panel installations had record growth in the United States with a 43% increase in sales.

Are you not sure if solar panels are right for you? This guide by ABC Roofing will discuss in more the detail the benefits of switching to roof-top solar power for your electricity needs.

Reduced Energy Bills

Some people are worried about the cost of switching to roof-top solar power. The initial cost may seem large at first (about 15% higher than your average roof installation). However, after six years, it pays itself off while delivering substantial savings year after year.

The amount that you will save varies based on how much electricity your roof is producing and then what type of installation you get for your home or business.

A typical roof-top system will produce anywhere from 50% (lowest) up to 100% (highest) of your average electrical needs. So, if you tend to use 1000 kWh per month, a roof-top system could cut down energy bills by $400-$600 each year.


Did you know there are state and federal incentives to installing solar panels? Furthermore, there are government rebates and Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) that can cut your costs down by 50%.

Whether you’re thinking about roof-top solar panels for your home or business, it is worth looking into all the available incentives and how much they can save you!

Environmental Benefits

Installing solar panels is not just a money saver. It has environmental benefits as well. By switching to roof-top solar, you are using a clean energy source that does not pollute the environment or contribute to climate change like fossil fuel plants do.

You will reduce your carbon footprint with solar because you will be using less electricity from the grid. This in turn creates less pollution. It is also worth noting that roof-top solar doesn’t emit any greenhouse gasses or particulates into the atmosphere.

Choosing roof-top solar over traditional sources of electrical supply not only benefits you but also keeps our environment cleaner for future generations!

Increased Home Value

A roof-top solar installation not only makes your home more environmentally friendly but also increases the resale value of your property.

If you are looking to sell in the future, roof-top panels are a great way to increase resale value and make sure there is an added appeal and demand for your property. Like a renovated kitchen or bathroom, they are a major upgrade to any house.

Homebuyers are becoming more eco-conscious than ever before and want homes with clean energy sources like roof-top solar panels.

Increased Energy Independence

The energy generated from solar panels is free and does not rely on the traditional electric grid. This means that roof-top solar panels can help you to live more independently from utility companies.

That means you will get a roof that produces clean electrical supply for your home or business without having to pay any monthly bills. In addition, this dependence protects you in the event the electric grid goes down.

Natural disasters or cyber-attacks have already taken down power grids leaving many in the dark for weeks or more. However, roof-top solar panels will keep working as long as there is sunlight! That is a great security net for you and your family.

Reduced Surge Pricing

During the busiest hours of the day, electric companies will charge surge pricing on your energy bill. With solar panels, you can enjoy fixed energy prices and never get charged more because of a bad time to use energy.

Roof-top solar panels allow you to avoid these high-priced hours so that your roof can provide energy for the entire day at once low, fixed price!

Long Lifespan

Solar panels will be there for you in the long-term because they are designed for longevity. Most solar systems will work for 20 years or more. After approximately six years, these solar panels will pay for themselves and continue to generate cost savings well beyond that.

Roof-top solar panels can withstand changing weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and strong winds. This means that they are resilient and will last you for a long time!

Need a Roof That Can Support Solar Panels? ABC Roofing Has You Covered

Are you ready to make the jump and purchase solar panels? If so, your roof needs to be in great shape before you can install them.

ABC Roofing will help you build the best roof for your new solar panels by installing materials that are durable and attractive in addition to being energy efficient.

Let’s discuss your needs today at 954-344-4622 or contact ABC Roofing online. We cannot wait to make your plans a reality!

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