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Hurricane season in Florida is no laughing matter. Lasting from June 1 to November 30, there are necessary cautions homeowners must take to protect their property. From high winds to torrential downpours, one of the areas of a home that see the most damage is the roof. One of the best ways to keep your home safe from destruction and flooding is with a wrap roof installation.

Wrap Roof Basics

We have all seen those unsightly blue tarps covering roofs, but they come with their series of downfalls! Not only can they blow away in high winds, but the rust from the grommets can also cause costly roof damage. On the other hand, Wrap Roofs are a temporary plastic membrane that shrinks to the roof with heat. This tight fit ensures your roof is safe from dirt and water getting into gaps.

Wrap Roof Benefits

Our homes are an investment, and we deserve to protect them from damages and repairs – even in hurricane season. With the average roof costing between $6,400 and $15,840 to replace on a 1,600 square foot ranch home, it is often one of the costliest repairs. Wrap roofs can help save you in the long run with these benefits:

  • Customizable

    Florida is home to a wide variety of gorgeous homes in all shapes and sizes. Traditional plastic tarps can be difficult to adapt to a roof if it is irregular. Plastic tarps also often leave large gaps, a breeding ground for debris, mold, and water damage. Professionals, like those at ABC Roofing, custom fit any roof with a tightly sealed wrap custom fit to your home.

  • Weather Resistant

    While traditional tarps do provide a good amount of protection, high winds and torrential rains can cause them to be less effective. One of the most popular reasons people decide to install wrap roofs is their ability to withstand the elements during a hurricane. Because of their solid design, it is virtually impossible for the wrap to allow for water damage.

  • Appearance and Weight

    Traditional blue tarps are an eyesore. While protecting your home is the top priority, wrap roofs provide a more cohesive look no matter the shape or size of your roof. Blue tarps require nails or other materials to keep them secure. Hammering into your roof makes it more vulnerable to water damage and questions the integrity of your roof. On the other hand, wrap roofs do not require heavy materials, and the tarp itself weighs less than the traditional version.

Wrap Roof Installation

Not only do wrap roofs have a myriad of benefits over blue tarps, but professional installation is also simple! There are few steps for you to take, and you can leave the rest up to us! Follow our process below!

  1. Call ABC Roofing at (954)-344-4622 to schedule your consultation.
  2. Our professionals at ABC Roofing will come to inspect your roof and provide an estimate.
  3. Get installation permission from your insurance adjuster or insurance company.
  4. ABC Roofing will expertly install your wrap roof within the day – usually within six hours.
  5. Enjoy your new wrap roof that comes with a one-year guarantee!

Wrap Roof In Southern Florida

As we enter hurricane season, it is now more crucial than ever to ensure your home is protected from possible damage. With the immense benefits of wrap roof, it is no surprise they are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. For over 30 years, ABC Roofing has been serving South Florida with all their roofing needs.

If you have any questions about wrap roof or are ready to protect your home, contact ABC Roofing online or call us at (954)-344-4622 today!

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