Preparing Your Flat Roof For Hurricane Season

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From the beginning of June to the end of November, hurricane season is threatening your flat roof. Every gust of wind is a chance for a tree branch to damage your roof or crack a skylight. Still, your roof isn’t helpless. There are some small and easy things you can do to prevent roof damage.

The Potential Damage To A Flat Roof

The wind and water each bring their own potential threats to your flat roof. They can cause severe damage if you don’t take the proper preventative steps. While they can be hazardous to a well maintained and adequately repaired rood, they can be detrimental when combined with cracks or holes.

High winds are notorious for dislodging tree limbs and other debris. When these fragments are knocked loose around your building, the wind can throw them onto your roof. When they make impact, they can break roof structures like vents or cause cracks.

Strong winds can also exacerbate pre-existing roofing issues. When vents, chimneys, or roofing material isn’t properly secured, the wind can rip it right off your roof. This will ruin that part of your roof system and the area around it. Wind can also tear away improperly secured gutters and the part of the roof they’re connected to.

Heavy rain comes with a whole new set of problems. A flat roof without proper drainage can hold a lot of standing water after a storm. Standing water can cause pressure to build on the weaker areas of your roof, which will cause leaks and cracks.

The rain will also make any pre-existing cracks or leaks worse while causing water infiltration. This is a worst-case scenario because water damage can cause wood rot, mildew, and mold. All of these problems can weaken your entire roofing system. They can also be extremely costly to repair.

How To Prevent Damage

There are a few things you can do to prevent damage to your flat roof.

Have Low Or Falling Limbs Removed

Before hurricane season begins, call a tree expert and have them remove any unstable tree limbs that might fall during a storm. Whether they’re dead, dying, or already cracked, removing them will eliminate the risk of them falling and damaging your roof.

Have Your Flat Roof Inspected

To prevent parts of your roofing system from being blown away, a professional roofer can inspect them before hurricane season. A roofer will be able to spot a pre-existing issue before it becomes a significant problem. Then, they can tell you the best course of action to repair it before a storm can make it worse.

You can prevent a majority of problems by getting a roof inspection before hurricane season begins. In addition to preventing problems caused by the wind, an inspector will also be able to find weaknesses in your roof that will be made worse by the rain.

Inspections are the best way to find cracks, holes, and other damage that the average person won’t notice. Just like the repairs for potential wind damage, the inspector will also be able to tell you the easiest way to repair these weaknesses before the storm.

In addition to repairing the minor issues before hurricane season, it also helps if you do a visual inspection after every major storm. That way, you’ll know if roof structures were damaged or if debris fell on your roof. You can also look at the inside of your roofing system to check for cracks or water stains between storms.

Preparing Your Flat Roof In South Florida

When you need help repairing your flat roof or want assistance preparing for hurricane season, call ABC Roofing Corp. at 954-344-4622. We can inspect your roof for any weak spots, repair them, and help you maintain your roof to prevent future damage. Don’t wait until the damage gets worse; call us today to schedule your roof inspection.

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