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Your roof can be one of the most dangerous areas of your home. This is why roof safety is such an important factor when working with roofs. Around 50 roofing contractors are either injured or killed while on the job each year; falls make up three-fourths of these unfortunate accidents. There are many people that unfortunately still don’t follow modern safety rules that are easy to abide to.

There are various items roofing contractors can use to prevent accidental falls or injuries from harnesses and ropes to guardrails, cleats and catchers. Roofers owe it to their coworkers, families and themselves even, to prevent tragic falls and accidents and keep them safe.

Tips For Your Everyday Roof Safety

There is no easy or safe way to fall off a roof. You should never take shortcuts when it comes to roof safety or the safety of the roofers working. Here are a few everyday safety tips roofers use whether it’s in a residential or commercial capacity. Always make sure to follow these safety rules are followed to avoid accidents and extra costs.

  • Work Around Wet Roofing Conditions

    Rooftops are most dangerous in wet conditions. Any dew, frost, rain or snow add an extra element of danger when working with roofs. The best option would be to wait until your roof has dried up considerably before work begins. Early mornings also present risk factors and liabilities due to frost and dew being present.

  • Make Sure To Wear Rubber Shoes, Boots and A Safety Harness

    The right type of gear might just end up saving workers from injuries.

    Always make sure that your footwear is in good condition, shoes or boots in bad condition don’t have enough traction. Rubber soled boots or shoes provide a better amount of traction than say leather soled shoes. You can occasionally have crepe soled shoes that provide the correct amount of traction. Safety harnesses that are attached to a fall resistant device are a good way to prevent injuries in case of a fall.

  • Keep The Rooftop Work Area Clean and Secure

    At all times, someone should be cleaning up wood particles, shingle particles, sawdust and various other types of dirt. This is to ensure that the workspace retains its safety. Some roofers will use either a broom or even a leaf blower to get the job done. If there are openings or skylights make sure they are either secured, covered or have guardrails put in to avoid any accidents.

  • Place All Oriented Strand Boards (OSB) The Right Way Up

    Some OSB panels are splatter coated or textured to provide extra traction for roofers. When correctly installing orientated strand boards make sure that the increased traction side is facing the right way up or else they will not work.

  • Install and Secure Underlayment

    When installed properly and securely, underlayment often makes roofs less of a slippery surface. Underlayment can tear away from the fasteners on some steeper roofs, so make sure that you secure it with enough fasteners to prevent it from tearing.

  • Be Aware of And Remove Any Trip Hazards

    Always keep a lookout for anything that could potentially be a trip hazard. Some of the most common trip hazards are electrical cords, power tools, loose roofing materials as well as other loose items that are lying around. Make sure to keep aware of where the trip hazards are and remove them when possible.

  • Install Temporary Foot Holds for Extra Grip

    Some roofs may be steeper than others and trickier to climb. In order to add a bit of extra grip and safety, if needed on certain roofs, one can add roof jacks or wooden cleats to act as toe holds for rooftop workers. As the roofing materials are installed, remove the temporary toe holds from the roof.

  • Ladders Can Also Cause Accidents

    Ladders can cause up to 81% of falls in the roofing industry. When working with ladders always make sure that they are in good condition. Ladders need to be working properly and have the correct amount of grip on the steps to keep roofers safe as they’re climbing up.

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