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Roof Repair

commercial roof repair

Commercial roofs are tough and designed to resist wear and tear, but even the most well-built roof will need repairs sooner or later. A damaged roof leaves the structure of your building vulnerable to rain, wind, and wind-blown debris. It also puts the contents of your building at risk.

Top 4 Commercial Roof Repair Early Warning Signs

If you pay attention to your roof, you’ll soon pick up on common commercial roof issues in the early stages and you’ll be able to avoid serious damage that can lead to expensive repairs. Your roof can’t talk, but it does give you clear signs of any developing issues. Here are our roofing professional’s top four early warning signs of impending problems that will need commercial roof repair.

#1 Blisters & Bubbles

The combination of high levels of moisture, heat, and time can cause bubbling or blistering in the roofing surface. The blisters allow moisture to get in which can lead to extensive damage to the structure of your roof. If left un-repaired and untreated, the lifespan of your commercial roof will be shortened.

#2 Water Pools & Seepage

Pools of standing water may appear harmless, but they are detrimental to your building in a couple of ways. Pooling water is a sure sign that you need to give ABC Roofing Corp. a call to come in and repair your roof.

  • If your roof collects pools of water, your roof is at risk of developing leaks that lead to seepage. Water intrusion not only causes problems in the structure of your commercial building but if left unrepaired, can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. The bacteria that come with mold and mildew need to be stopped in its tracks, or it can pose serious health risks for your employees.
  • Water pools add extra weight load to the building structure.
  • Water, seepage, and dampness compromise the roof supports and can cause parts of the roof that are made from wood or metal to deteriorate due to rust and rotting.

#3 Poor Roof Drainage

Poor roof drainage will lead to standing pools of water. It is easy for roof drains to get clogged up with leaves and debris, which leads to water pooling on the roof. This can be easily avoided with regular maintenance and drain clearing.

#4 Damaged Flashing

Roof flashing that is damaged or has gaps will allow water to leak into the roof structure and get inside the building.

Take The Risk Out Of Roof Repair

The easiest way to stay ahead of potential commercial roof disasters is to schedule regular roof inspections. The professional roofing contractors from ABC Roofing have the experience to identify problem areas before they get out of hand. They also have the training and skills to repair your roofing issues. A regular maintenance plan can help you avoid expensive commercial roofing emergency repairs. Regular inspections and maintenance will also prevent the inevitable downtime that comes with a major commercial roof repair or, in extreme cases, replacement.

Roof Inspections – What Gets Checked?

A thorough ABC Roofing roof inspection will include checking the following:

  • Gaps, tears, or damage to flashings.
  • Downspouts, scuppers, and drains are checked for blockages or debris build-up.
  • The seals around the roof, vents, and equipment are tested and checked.
  • Pitch pans are checked to see if they are cracked or broken and if they can still hold water. The metal shouldn’t be pulling away from the flashing membrane.

The Best Time For A Roofing Inspection

The ideal time for a roofing inspection is in the Spring due to the mild weather and before the onset of hurricane season. This is also a great time for any roofing repairs to be carried out. Commercial roofs should be inspected twice a year to avoid unnecessary damage to goods, emergency repairs, and costly business downtime.

Commercial Roof Repair Versus Replacement

How do you know when it’s time to replace instead of repair? A simple way to know is if your repair costs will be more than 50% of what it would cost to replace your roof. The older your roof gets, the more prone to damages and breakages it will be. The 50% of replacement cost is a good guide that your roof is getting too old to be continually repaired in a cost-effective manner.

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