Why Is My Flat Roof Cracking?

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Flat Roof Cracking

At some point in your building’s lifetime, your flat roof will need to be replaced or repaired. The lifespan of a flat roof is usually 10-15 years. The tricky thing with a flat roof is figuring out if it just needs some minor repairs or if it needs to be replaced. Flat roofs need frequent inspections and maintenance so that if a problem pops up you’re able to get it fixed. Certain problems can be quite dangerous as they can compromise the integrity of the building and potentially endanger yours and others’ lives. Remember to always contact a professional to inspect, repair, or replace your roof.

Leaks And Moisture

Leaks and moisture occur with a flat roof, due to the fact that the water collects on top and doesn’t have anywhere to go but down.

This can lead to fungus, mold and other water damage. Leaks and moisture can eventually compromise your building. It’s difficult to find a leak because the water doesn’t enter the interior in the same spot as it enters through the membrane. Any damage in the membrane has the potential to be the source of a leak. Anything that has been badly water damaged will need tending to.


Damaged Flashing happens when an asphalt flat roof starts to pull away from the edges and corners of your roof as a byproduct of your roof expanding and contracting over a period of time due to being in the sun.

The roof flashing strips hold the different components of the roof together—if it’s loose, it’ll cause leaks. The seal can be renewed by removing the old one completely and sealing it back up again. If there is too much damage it may need replacing.

Cracks In The Roof

Because flat roofs have more pressure and stress than slanted roofs they’re more prone to cracking when the pressure is excessive. Blistering and alligatoring can lead to cracks. This will eventually compromise the roof.

Cracks in your roof should always be dealt with by a professional.

Pooling Water

Pooling water occurs if your roof isn’t level and the water builds up in the dips-adding pressure to certain parts of the roof.

Shifting foundations can cause your roof to not be as even as it might have been when it was built. The pooling water can start to cause mold and algae growth. The source of pooling water can either be blocked drains or an uneven roof, a roofing professional can help find the cause of the problem and repair it for you.


Blistering happens when air or moisture pockets get trapped between the layers of the roof membrane or between the membrane and the roof deck.

The pockets expand and stretch the membrane as the sun heats the roof. Unless the blisters show signs of more serious damage, they’re sometimes best left alone. If they’re in an area that is getting foot traffic, the membrane has cracked, the surface is coming off, or the blister is near a seam then they’ll need to be dealt with.

In order to repair a blister in a roof, you’ll need new membrane material that will extend at least six inches around the edges of the blister after it’s been cut out.


Alligatoring is a surefire sign that your roof is aging. The asphalt for your roof has started to age and lose it’s elasticity since the sun’s UV rays have dried the roof material causing it to crack and bubble, resembling alligator skin.

In order to fix a roof that is alligatoring, you’ll need to clean it of particles and dust, then add a compatible primer and lastly, it’ll need a new coating on the roof.

Buckling In The Membrane

The membrane in a flat roof is always one solid piece. As your building shifts and settles, it can cause your roof membrane to buckle and damage the structure. Buckling repair is always best left to a roofing professional.

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