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Roof leaks can happen at any time – they can easily cause stress for you and your family. Sometimes home owners can take tackle the roof leak repair however, attempting to repair your roof leak without consulting with a professional roofing company can lead to mistakes being made. Let’s take a look at what these mistakes are, and how you can avoid making them.

Pulling Up Roof Shingles To Look For Leaks

You may think that an easy way to identify and fix a roof leak is to pull up the shingles yourself and checking for the leak underneath. This approach can easily cause more damage and quickly create additional leaks where none existed prior to pulling up the roof shingles. It’s best to rather call in a professional roofing company to inspect your roof and perform the necessary repairs.

Walking On Your Roof

While this can seem harmless, walking on your roof can be extremely dangerous – you are putting yourself in danger of harming yourself and you can also damage your roof by walking on it. Walking on a shingle roof can disturb the granules which can leave your asphalt shingles without their protective coating. The loss of this protective coating can cause additional roof leaks. Walking on the roof shingles can also dislodge them which will create gaps where leaks can occur. It takes a roofing expert to know exactly where to walk on a roof to avoid creating additional damage.

Replacing Your Roof Tiles Incorrectly

You may not think twice about replacing a broken or missing tile with another one. Keep in mind that the replacement tile needs to be the exact same type of concrete and the same color of concrete in order to fit and match correctly. If you ignore these considerations you’ll be left with a non-matching tile which may not click into place with the surrounding tiles. This can possibly leave your house exposed to rain and leaks. A professional roof repair specialist like ABC Roofing Corp will be able to match the roof tile correctly preventing further damage to your roof.

Resealing Flat Membrane Roofs

The waterproofing layer is vital on flat roofs. Be cautious when attempting to repair this layer yourself from the exterior. Doing this often requires a large amount of physical labor in order to dig down to the base of the foundation wall. If you aren’t careful, you can easily damage the foundation walls in the process. This process requires a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

Using Incorrect Materials or Equipment

An easy mistake to make is the substitution of the correct repair materials with cheaper alternatives. When you fail to use the recommended materials, you can compromise the repair quality of the repair work. A leak repair may not be durable if a cheaper, substitute material has been used. In fact, the repair may not work at all – special equipment is sometimes required to fix roof leaks. Some waterproofing layers need to be mechanically fastened, glued with hot air, or even heat sealed. Specialized equipment has the benefit of regulating heat temperatures of burner flames for example. If the temperate is not correct the insulation properties may be compromised. Getting in an experienced roofing company to help you can save you from having to buy or hire this specialized equipment, and also assures you that your leak repair job will be conducted professionally.

Call In A Professional For Your Leak Repairs

As we have seen, there are many mistakes that can easy be made when fixing a roof. It is recommended that you rather call in a professional roofing company for your leak repairs. Make sure that you find a roof repair company who have a reputation for loyalty and commitment. Also check that they offer a warranty on their workmanship. ABC Roofing is one of the leading South Florida roofing companies and have you covered on all fronts.

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