How Much Do You Know About Roofing Materials?


When would you need underlayment?

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An underlayment is to protect from elements, mostly water that sits and cause damage. So low slope and flat roofs definitely benefit.

Which roofing material has the best track record with hurricanes?

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A roof can be designed with a certain slope, and other features, to hold up better against leaks and lifting.

Flat roofs age most when they...

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Regular maintenance can actually prevent all the rest from causing any aging.

The "greenest" type of roofing material would be...

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Most materials cause runoff, so unless you go in depth into how to make sure your material is upgraded to prevent pollutants, tile has less ongoing pollution impact as its base is generally clay.

The average lifespan of a tile roof is...

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25 years, longer than shingle at 15-20 years.

The kind of roofing material most easy to work with is…

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Silicone reduces a great amount of work. It doesn’t need to be removed for replacement.

The most dangerous unseen risk for your roof is...

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None of these signs are good. Each one should get some immediate attention as they lead to bigger problems.

Which part of your roof can be installed safely as a DIY project?

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There is no good reason to find yourself on your own roof. Insurances frown upon things like this. Installation of anything, especially skylights, should be done by a roofing professional. Even the smallest jobs like measuring out should be done by contractors, for safety and precision.

What is the most popular type of roof in South Florida?

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Shingle has been around a while and has tons of user-friendly upsides and is the most commonly used roof. This is followed by tile roofing.

Why do Floridians use shingle roofing most often?

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Shingle roofs can offer variety and a long warranty. The all-round benefits are good.

Roof drains can be checked and cleared by?

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Drains can be checked by a roofing contractor or by a lumber, who would also have installed them as this is not what we do, although we can come out and clear or seal them for you.

Which type of roof needs a roof drain?

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Commercial flat roofs use drains, as water pools. Any sloped roof would need it less. Occasionally, residential flat roofs might also be fitted with drains.

Which part of the roof job doesn't need to be certified or regulated?

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Every aspect of roofing materials and job implementation is regulated by codes or licenses, or certification of some kind.

What type of roofing material does not need to be removed before re-installing a roof?

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Silicone coatings can not only be reapplied over a previous coat of silicone coating, but also over most other roofs as well.

Which one of these is not a benefit of silicone roof coatings?

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Silicone coating is product that can be applied to serve so many purposes. It has many great benefits which make it a worthwhile investment.

How Much Do You Know About Roofing Materials?
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