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Feeling confused about deciding whether a commercial or residential roof may be better for you? These roofing services vary in many different ways. The roof of a building has a massive impact on the structure of the building so be informed and make the best choice for you. Here’s a guide to help you make the best decision.

Differences Between Commercial and Residential Roofing Services

Commercial roofing is usually used for big business building, although it can be used by homeowners too. This roofing service is easier to install on big buildings but requires a lot of extra knowledge to be installed properly. Residential roofing is usually found on homes and look more appealing to homeowners. Both these roofing services aid the same purpose of protecting the building and withstanding the elements. However, they differ due to the functions they perform.

  • Design

    Commercial roof designs are usually flat or only have a slight slope. The commercial roofs are usually larger than residential roofs. This flat design makes it easier to install due to its large size. These flat roofs require a lot of maintenance and attention. These commercial roofs are simple in design. They have to be fitted with pipes for ventilation, cooling and heating systems, and drainage systems. The drainage systems are important because the flat surface could lead to water pooling on top of the roof.

    Residential roof designs are usually steeper. The designs are less limited as these roofs come in many designs to suit different aesthetics. It is easier to maintain residential roofing.

  • Building Materials

    Residential roofing serves the purpose of protecting the home but it has to look aesthetically pleasing too. Colorful shingles and roof tiles are used to give the roofs a more appealing look. This roofing service is built according to the preferences of the homeowner with regards to appearance, maintenance, and strength.

    However, commercial buildings don’t have the concern of looking appealing. These roofs usually just have the function of protecting the building. Since these roofs are high maintenance, owners look for cost-effective and long-lasting materials to lower the cost of roofing. The material should be able to withstand the heat that comes from inside the building as well as heat from the sun. Cooling roofing is the solution as it uses materials that are naturally heat resistant. These materials reflect heat instead of absorb it. Materials used are BUR membranes, modified bitumen (asphalt modified with rubber) or single ply.

  • Installation

    The installation of residential roofs is quite straightforward. Many contractors have the skills to install a residential roof. However, the same can’t be said for commercial roofing. The installation of these roofs takes specific skill and knowledge of the ventilation pipes, heating and cooling pipes, as well as drainage systems.

  • Replacement and Repairs

    Both commercial and residential roofing requires similar repairs over time. Leak repairs and resealing are both common repairs for both roofing services.

    Residential roofing requires the occasional replacement of tiles that are loose or have gone missing. If the damage is too bad, the whole roof would have to be replaced. Weather damage is one of the main problems with residential roofing. However, these roofs are low maintenance and last for many years without needing repairs done.

    Commercial roofing is a bit more complicated. If the damage to the roof is extensive in one area, the whole roof might have to be replaced if single ply is used. These roofs are high maintenance due to their structure and need to be inspected quite regularly.

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