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Roofing Tips

roof maintenance

It’s true that no roof lasts forever, but many homeowners end up replacing their roofs much sooner than they expected to. A roof replacement is a large investment and can disrupt your everyday routine. Everyday wear and tear shouldn’t age your roof that quickly–so what’s going on?

The answer is simple. When you don’t look after something correctly, it breaks. Roof maintenance is an essential part of ensuring its longevity. Follow these tips to avoid costly roofing repairs or replacement.

1. Look For Damaged Tiles/Shingles

Check on your roof regularly to make sure everything is still in place. This is especially important after harsh weather.

You don’t need to climb up on your roof to see if a shingle has fallen off; use a pair of binoculars or a high-quality phone camera to look for the following:

  • Missing, cracked, or curled shingles
  • Cracked or missing tile
  • Peeling flashing
  • Missing granules

2. Schedule Annual Professional Roof Inspections

Annual roof inspections can catch problems before they become costly to fix. A licensed roofing contractor can identify potential issues that you might’ve missed or aren’t trained to notice. They can also offer maintenance advice that’s personalized to your roof and your home’s surroundings.

3. Look For Leaks In Your Ceilings

If you find water stains on your ceiling or any of the following signs of damage, your roof needs repairing:

  • A musty odor in particular rooms
  • Spots on outdoor walls
  • Bulging patches on indoor walls

4. Clean Your Roof With a Safe Efficient System

Your roof gets dirty over time. The long and dark vertical streaks are caused by algae, mold, mildew, and fungus. These issues don’t pose an immediate threat to your roof, but they can cause shingles to rot if left alone.

At ABC Roofing, we recommended Roof-A-Cide treatment to clean and protect your roof.

5. Keep Your Gutters Clear

Clogged gutters prevent water from leaving your roof, sending it to seeping into your ceiling. It’s recommended you clean your gutters at least twice a year: once in late spring and once in early fall. If you’ve had any major storms in your area, check your gutters for any major blockages.

6. Trim Overhanging Branches

In harsh weather, tree branches can break off and fall onto your roof, causing serious damage. Be sure to trim any large branches that hang over your roof. This will also reduce the number of leaves that gather on your roof and absorb moisture, which can cause rotting.

7. Maintain Your Chimney

Sometimes, roofing issues don’t start with your roofing. Chimneys can damage your roof if they aren’t maintained. Structural damage to your chimney can happen when bricks fall out, damaging your roof and increasing the chance of the chimney collapsing onto your roof.

Check your chimney to see if there are cracks or missing mortar. If it’s sloping, this can indicate trouble with your home’s foundation. Call a contractor to repair your chimney and protect your roof.

8. Maintain Your Flat Roof

A flat roof that is 10 years old or more may need to be coated to survive the harsh Florida climate. Consider a silicone roof coating or other approved liquid applied system to extend the life of your flat roof.

Roof Maintenance And More In South Florida

Looking after your roof is easy when you know what to do. With these roof maintenance tips, you can take care of your roof and avoid the need for untimely roof replacements.

If you’re in need of roof repair or due for a routine inspection, ABC Roofing has over 30 years of experience in South Florida. 

Contact us at (954) 344-4622 today to join the thousands of South Florida homeowners who trust us to look after their roofs.

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