Tips On Finding A Professional Commercial Roofer

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofer

Commercial roofs are more complex than residential roofing jobs, which is why you can’t just hire any roofer. Industrial roofs are often large-scale and require detailed consideration. A high-quality commercial roof will protect your staff and inventory in the future. Here are the top tips for finding a professional commercial roofer.

Find A Licensed Roofer

If you have a roofer in mind, make sure you do some background research. Ensure that your prospective roofing contractor is licensed throughout the state of Florida. State-registered roofers are the most experienced. Don’t assume that they’re registered because of a logo on their webpage. You have a right to ask them to produce their license of registration.

Finding a licensed roofer will help reduce your liability risk. Using a non-registered commercial roofer could result in a roof structure failure. This could lead to an expensive lawsuit which is best avoided. Costly repairs due to inferior workmanship could also push you into debt. Save yourself from these hassles by using a roofer who belongs to the Roofing Contractors Association of South Florida.

Ask About Warranties

Roofers that offer warranties will confidently back their workmanship and materials. A roof with a 15-year warranty gives you an indication of the quality associated with that roof. You shouldn’t settle for a warranty under 10-15 years. Roofing materials will often come with a separate warranty for workmanship. The longer the warranty, the better. Remember that increased warranty periods can come at an increased cost.

Be sure to scrutinize the warranty terms and conditions, as most reputable warranties will have stipulated maintenance requirements. A professional commercial roofer will talk you through the warranty options on offer.

Research Your Roofer

Using an experienced roofer increases the likelihood of a top-quality roofing job. Ask your prospective roofer for a list of previous commercial projects that they have worked on. You may even want to ask for contact numbers of previous jobs to get references.

It’s also helpful to look up reviews online. Google reviews will give you honest feedback on clients’ experiences. Be cautious to only read reviews posted on a prospective roofer’s webpage. These are often selected and tend to be positive reviews. If you’re considering a roof repair, do your research first.

Are They Professional?

You’ll be able to assess the level of professionalism after interacting with a roofing contractor. From the onset, how does their website present? It is clear and concise? If you phone a roofing contractor, were the staff friendly and knowledgeable? How promptly were you offered a commercial roofing consult?

A lot can be said for the actual consult. Were you offered a comprehensive roofing inspection? Was the contractor dressed professionally? Did you feel listened to? Did they make offers that sounded too good to be true? And then did you receive a detailed quote that was easy to understand? Did they go through the quote with you? All these considerations will help you to make the right decision.

Ask About Services On Offer

Be sure to find a roofing contractor that specializes in the roofing service you need. Some roofers may offer roof repairs, but not roof replacements. Remember that there are different types of commercial roofs. These include built-up roofs, modified bitumen, and single-ply. Find a roofer who specializes in all three.

The roofing industry is constantly evolving with new technology and installation methods. With the rising price of energy, using a roofer that makes use of energy-efficient procedures will save you money.

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