The Pros and Cons of Installing Skylights

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Skylights are an incredible way to enhance the aesthetics of your home allowing natural light to filter through. A skylight is a window set in the roof or ceiling and can come in a variety of different variations. The structure essentially consists of a sturdy frame covered by a plastic or glass membrane, allowing natural light to filter through the ceiling.

Types of Skylights

There are several different types of skylights to choose from, namely:

  • Fixed – these skylights do not provide any form of ventilation through opening and closing. These types of skylights are particularly durable due to the lack of moveable parts.
  • Vented – these roof skylights can open and close, providing ventilation.
  • Tubular – meant for hallways and foyers, tubular skylights are designed to fit into smaller spaces.

Regardless of the style, angle or type of skylight that you choose to install, there are some insightful pros and cons to help you make the decision.

Pros of Skylights

Skylights can add to the value of your home. When properly installed, they can be an incredible aesthetic enhancement, and particularly attractive to those potential buyers who are interested in natural light but still maintain privacy. A skylight has the potential to add a sophisticated and modern appeal to a home.

Skylights can also make a room appear to be larger than it is in reality. An illusion of space is created by making the ceiling appear wider and the room seem lighter. The fact that a skylight is a window also means a room has the potential for increased ventilation.

Cons of Skylights

Contrary to the assumption that skylights lower electric costs, they do not. By adding a window to your ceiling, you provide an additional passage for heat resulting in a higher air-conditioning bill. The condensation that occurs by rising heat can further damage the waterproofing of your home.

One unfortunate risk that comes with skylights is the potential for leaks. This leak can come to surface when there is rain, revealing where the skylight has not been sealed correctly. In addition, mildew and mold can gather where the skylight bond occurs and cause damage to the rest of the ceiling.

The initial installation of a skylight can be costly due to the fact that it is a major renovation. Cutting a hole into your ceiling in order to install a skylight is a major renovation – especially if proper sealing and insulation.

Working Around the Disadvantages of Skylights

Although there are disadvantages of installing a skylight, there are also tips to overcome these potential issues.

If you install a skylight that adequately matches the size of a room, energy efficiency may be improved. Choosing the correct skylight for the space can also add to this improvement.

A roofing expert will be able to properly seal the waterproof joints, minimizing the chance of leaks. Mounting the skylight above the roof can decrease the chance of leaks. In addition, if you maintain appropriate ventilation, condensation will be less of a concern and leakages will be decreased. This can be made easier with installing a motorized opening. Ceiling fans can also help with the reduction of condensation.

Essentially, the pros of a skylight have a focus on bettering lifestyle and adding value to your home, while the cons highlight the costs of installation and maintenance. Hiring skilled roofing experts can ensure that you choose the correct skylight for your space, and that it is installed in a way that will reduce future costs. Give ABC Roofing a call for professional advice on quality roofing and skylight installation.

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