Will Insurance Cover An Old Roof Replacement?

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old roof replacement

Having a strong roof is critical in the unpredictable weather of South Florida. While your insurance policy typically covers the repair or replacement of your roof due to accidents or acts of nature, they can be very complicated.

Things can be even more complex with the introduction of Florida Senate Bill 76. In most cases, as your roof ages, your insurance rates will go up or your coverage will go down.

Here, the experts at ABC Roofing discuss everything you need to know about insurance and old roof replacement.

Roof Insurance Basics

Just as every roof is different, so it is with insurance policies. No matter the composition of your roof, it will weaken over time. The older the roof, the more susceptible it is to damage. Because repairing, and especially replacing, a roof is expensive, many insurance companies will find ways to not cover the costs.

Many insurance companies cite an old roof as a reason not to cover a significant claim or to cancel your policy all together. Older and poorly maintained roofs often fall under the responsibility of the homeowner. This can result in your insurance company covering only the actual current cash value of the roof if they decide to cover anything at all.

What Do Insurance Companies Consider?

Just because your roof is old doesn’t mean insurance will cover a new one. But if your old roof suffers damages covered by your policy, insurance will likely pay for repairs or replacement. However, proving your claim may be difficult. Most insurance agents will consider:

Covered Damage Or Wear And Tear?

No matter the age of your roof, it will suffer from normal damage over time. This includes issues such as missing shingles and water damage. In most situations, if the damage is cosmetic or general maintenance, it is the responsibility of the homeowner. Insurance adjusters will determine if the damage is normal or if it was caused by an act out of your control – such as weather or accidents.

Previous Claims

Some insurance companies have limits on how many claims you can file in a certain amount of time. If you file too many claims, your premium will likely raise. For smaller claims, such as minimal roof damage, it is often more cost-effective to hire a roofing company, like ABC Roofing, to do the work out of pocket. For larger jobs like roof replacement, you should always contact your agent and discuss whether it is a legitimate and coverable claim.

Extent Of Damage

Arguably the most critical part of determining if your insurance will cover your old roof’s replacement is to get a thorough inspection of the damage. Never try to inspect your roof yourself. Not only can this cause further damage to your roof, but it can also result in injury. Always contact a professional to conduct an inspection. The contractor will detail the exact amount of damage to enhance the possibility of covering the replacement.

Roof Replacement In South Florida

Your insurance policy will lay out exactly what it covers, but it may or may not cover a roof replacement. It is always best to contact your agent directly to determine if a roof replacement will be covered.

At ABC Roofing we are happy to help! Our family-owned and state-certified company will walk you through every step to make the roof replacement as easy as possible.

If you have any questions about our replacement process or our other services, call ABC Roofing at (954)-344-4622 or contact us online today!

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