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Pressure washing gives your home a clean, “new construction” look. It can be aesthetically pleasing and help maintain your home’s value. But pressure washing does more than make your home look beautiful. It can also bring a contractor’s attention to potential problem areas previously hidden by dirt and grime. 

Pressure washing can be good for your roof if you leave it to the professionals, since not all pressure cleaning is created equal. There have been impressive advancements in roof pressure cleaning, which your local roofing contractor knows best.

If you choose to pressure wash your roof, here are some suggestions to consider:

Choose Solutions That Are Safe For People And Pets

Toxic cleaning solutions used for pressure washing are devastating to the environment. They can wreak havoc on pets and people as well. Homeowners should not assume that these toxins exist only on their rooftops.

Beware Chemicals In The House And Yard

Spraying a rooftop does not ensure all the chemicals will hit the rooftop. Rainfall and wind can cause these chemicals to scatter and end up in your yard. Not only can these toxins destroy your greenery, but they can also be dangerous for children or pets playing outside. Worse, some chemicals might seep into your home through cracks near windows and doors.

Choose Non-Toxic Roof Cleaning Solutions

There have been advancements in green cleaning solutions within the roofing industry. Although not all roofing companies use them, environmentally friendly roof cleaning options are available. Roof-A-Cide, is a safe, EPA-approved alternative to toxic and damaging chemicals. It is safe and effective for the majority of rooftops.

Roof Pressure Cleaning Shouldn’t Be High-Pressure Cleaning

While high-pressure cleaning can remove unwanted dirt and grime, it can also damage roofs by removing the granules on shingles and speed up the deterioration of nails and metal flashings. It can also cause erosion to your home, and health hazards for your family.

Avoid Water Damage and Mold Growth

Water can enter the interior of your home, causing harmful mold and bacteria to grow. The water remains in the interior of wall spaces, hidden from view. Homeowners often won’t notice the damage until it is too late. This damage results in expensive repairs and could even cause health problems for family members and pets. Mold exposure can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Asthmatic family members are at increased risk for mold exposure reactions. Inhaling mold spores can trigger an asthma attack in these individuals.

Avoid High Pressure Washing And Lead Paint

Mold spores and bacteria are not the only health concerns that result from using a high-pressure washing system. High-pressure roof cleaning is never recommended but can be especially dangerous in older homes. Living conditions can quickly become hazardous in homes with lead paint. The high-pressure cleaning can cause these lead particles to become airborne. Lead dust is dangerous, especially for children. Although lead poisoning is rarely fatal, it can cause many permanent problems, including developmental delays and behavioral issues.

The Effectiveness of Low-Pressure Cleaning

Cleaning rooftops and preventing unwanted mold growth is possible using gentler roof washing options. Homeowners can achieve an aesthetically pleasing home without compromising its structure or the health of family members. If your roofing company uses the right cleaning solutions, low-pressure washing is just as effective at removing and preventing stains as the high-pressure cleaning alternative.

Professional Roof Pressure Cleaning Services In South Florida

Choosing the right roof pressure washing experts is vital for your home’s maintenance. ABC Roofing uses environmentally friendly Roof-A-Cide to protect and clean your south Florida roof safely. With low-pressure technology, we ensure that no dangerous chemicals or particles will make their way into your home. Contact us today about safe roof pressure cleaning, roof repairs, and more at 954-344-4622.

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