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tile roof maintenance

The beauty of tile roofing is that it requires minimal maintenance – you as the homeowner don’t need to worry about tile roof maintenance each month. Except, you don’t want to completely neglect it either. Similar to taking care of the inner workings of your home with regular AC maintenance, it’s important to take care of your roofing maintenance as well. Your roof protects everything inside of your home, including you.

All types of roofing need regular maintenance at least once a year, but if you live in an area prone to hurricanes and severe weather conditions you may want to increase this and have maintenance done at least twice a year.

Basic Maintenance for Your Tile Roof

There are a few basic maintenance things that you can do to make sure that your roof is in great condition, but other things need to be done by a licensed roofing contractor.

  • Inspections

    You should never attempt to climb onto your roof to see if tiles are missing or cracked, one misstep and you could either accidentally put a hole in your roof or you could end up seriously injuring yourself if you should fall. By using the services of a licensed roofing contractor at least once or twice a year, who will be able to identify even the smallest of cracks in your tile, while following the correct safety procedures during his time on your roof.

  • Debris

    Cool winds are a great way to beat the heat, but it also causes leaves and other debris to end up on your roof tiles and eventually land up in your gutter. Your gutters need to be kept clear to avoid any water from overflowing, especially before storm season hits. Overflowing water could end up leaking into your home and affecting the integrity of your roof. While clearing your gutter of debris is something you could potentially take care of if you wanted to. It’s also not without its own hazards and safety concerns, especially if the gutter is completely clogged. Make sure you have tree branches that hang over your roof trimmed in order to lessen the amount of debris you need to clear.

  • Roof Cleaning

    You know how great it feels to do a quick spring clean indoors, but your tiles need the same kind of TLC as well. If you don’t regularly maintain your tiled roof, you’re going to end up with a roof that looks a little green around the edges. This will happen because tiles can become host to algae which will eventually make your roof a rather murky green color instead. If left for too long, even if you do end up cleaning it – your roof may end up with unsightly streaks.

  • Roof Repairs

    You have two choices, you can either attempt to repair broken flashing or tiles or have them replaced. Doing so ensures that no water can inadvertently enter your home. If there are spots you may want to have all the caulking checked and ensure that damaged areas are resealed where necessary, but this will need to be done by a professional contractor. You don’t want to take the risk of causing unnecessary damage to your roof, and the reliable roofing contractors at ABC Roofing are trained and licensed professionals.

Remember, if you keep your roof regularly maintained you will avoid major damage to your roof. This will save you money on costly repairs, which could have been avoided. Having your roof inspected by one of our licensed roofing contractors at ABC Roofing Corp, is guaranteed to help you keep your roof in tip top shape.

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