Tile Roof Tips: A Guide to Tile Roof Maintenance

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Tile Roof Maintenance

Not only are old roof tiles a hazard to your safety; they’re also bad for your wallet too. Any roof can be an expensive replacement if not properly maintained. If you do not take the time to regularly inspect your roof, you could wind up with future problems if something wrong goes unnoticed. Here’s some tile roof maintenance tips to help keep your roof in good shape

The Cost-Benefit

Inspecting your roof can help to identify and address any potential problems that could later cause time, money, and effort to fix. The importance of roof maintenance goes beyond the roof itself, as your roof is what makes your home function, from weather protection to temperature regulation. Neglecting your roof can lead to irreversible damage, which can cause a lot more problems for your home.

Tips for Tile Roof Maintenance

Now that you’re aware of the necessity of maintenance, below is a list of roof tile maintenance tips that can help to keep you on top of your roof.

Area Inspection and Debris Removal

Identify any areas that tend to collect leaves or branches, such as gutters, as there may be a tree nearby that needs trimming. Keeping your roof free from debris can help you to prevent further weathering, as well as allow rain to drain through the gutters properly. When inspecting your roof, remember that you need to check other parts of the roof other than the tiles, like skylights or chimneys (if you’re one of the few Florida homes that have one.) These too will need a thorough inspection, because they are also affected by roof maintenance.


Broken and loose tiles can easily fall during hurricane season, which can cause potential harm to those exposed to any flying debris. After a good inspection, make sure you repair any broken, old or missing tiles by hiring a professional to take care of your tile repair. Remember, prevention is better than the cure!

Do Not DIY

You may have heard tips like using a pressure washer to clean your roof, but what many homeowners don’t know is that even pressure washing can cause hairline cracks if tiles are slightly brittle. Not having the right equipment and expertise puts you and your roof at risk, as walking along a tiled roof means a potential danger of cracking tiles (not to mention the risk of you falling off!)

Regular Inspections

As the average homeowner, you might not have the specialized skill-set to detect unfamiliar problem areas such as hairline cracks, discoloration, or loose tiles. That is why it is best to hire a professional roofing contractor from a company like ABC Roofing Corp. to come and do a thorough inspection for you.

Why a Professional?

  • Save Money

    A professional inspection will allow you to save money in the long run, because it will give you the opportunity to fix any small problems before they become a whole roof-replacement issue.

    What’s more, hiring a contractor will also save you time, so that you can focus on using your time for other things.

  • Expert Service

    Unless you are a seasoned roof repairman, knowing how to identify potential problems is difficult, especially when there are very specific things to look out for. Tiled roofs are algae breeding grounds, and if not routinely maintained, algae can cause a roof to rot fast. Properly cleaning a roof is a difficult job to do if you don’t have the right equipment to do it. Hiring a professional will mean that they can’t take care of the nitty-gritty areas safely and correctly.

  • Safety

    A steep roof pitch is difficult to navigate, and this where having a professional on the job comes in handy. Tiles can easily slip, crack, or break if not handled with care, and so it is advised to avoid walking over your tiled roof without the proper equipment and necessary caution.

  • Peace of Mind

    Knowing that a professional will handle your roofing inspection will also give you peace of mind, saving you from extra stress of handling an important job without the expertise.

Now that you know how to go about your tiled roof maintenance, why not contact a professional.

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